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A solid remaster of the original game. I wasn't a fan of Resident Evil 4 due to its more action-oriented shift from the previous titles. While this remaster keeps that action, it also re-establishes the game as a survival horror title. This remake also makes up for the lesser quality RE3 remake by having tons of replay value, no cut content (that I know of), and changes that stay true to the original game. 4.5/5 Only cause I still like the RE2 remake better.

If Leon's biceps don't keep you glued to the screen, then the graphics, reimagined world and interactive new gameplay in this remake of the beloved RE4 will! I have completed this game a number of times since its release and can honestly say it might be my favourite RE game to date (RE2 is shakin) Rating: 7.5/10

I don’t really consider remakes as contenders for game of the year but this is so much more than that. I still prefer the original solely for sentimental reason, even though it’s barely been a year since I played it, and it’s charm but what Capcom did here is incredible

i cant fucking believe i ended up marathoning these many resident evil games at this point i was convinced at one point i wouldve just dropped out like i did with my the legend of zelda marathon and all that so basically i was in fact kind of confused as to why i ended up playing almost every mainline resident evil and now i know why i did that . HOT AS FUCK RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE CHRIS REDFIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELD PEOPLE this man ooooooooooooooooh this hunk of a man be racing through my mind too much lately and even after finishing the game i was like damn chris umh the ultimate daddy am i right idk i think its the fact that they 100% updated his design from resident evil 7 which was quite ugly if you ask me AND his clothes like a man should not look THIS good in a turtleneck like i could see his muscles popping out of that poor sweater forreals i was dizzy im in love with this man please ruin my life and all i cant go on like this im not joking i want him to punch me in the face too this cannot continue
ethan winters is again the protagonist of the game and this actually acts as a sequel to resident evil 7 so basically if you hadnt played that game before you should do it now to actually understand whats happening or like maybe you can read an infodump of the entire plot and youre good with it go and just play it buuuuuuuuuuuut i do believe resident evil 7 is a good game so you might as well play it and thats it
so even tho this is a sequel and you would expect that this might be kinda similar in gameplay to the first game in the duology incredibly enough they completely scrapped the survival horror aspect and just went with an action horror kinda game like they literally went omg WHAT would happen if we just made resident evil 4 in first person and with some completely different game design as a whole and honestly ? they kinda snapped this game is fun as shit theres nothing more fun than re4 in the world and since this is just resident evil 7 with resident evil 4 elements its super fucking fun GOD
the story is kinda interesting too if i can say so you get abducted by none other than chris redfield mia gets shot in the guts like a livestock and rose gets taken no this is not a spoiler it happens at like 20 minutes playtime so now youre in a village and theres sexy werewolves trying to eat you up because zombies were getting kinda repetitive and you also get to know that villagers are all dead basically and the main 4 noblemen are some monsters who each reign over some part of the village and theyre all fucking freaks BUT ! they made singlehandedly the entire game every single lord of the land has so much personality and create some great chemistry between one another basically they all hate each other but they try to behave because theres the great mother that is parenting all of them or whatever
so what happens is that you will get in each of these 4 lands to kill these lords to get a SPOILER TERRITORY UP AHEAD piece of your daughter because she got mutilated and shes gonna be used as a sacrifice or something to do some kind or ritual that is connected to the resident evil 7 lore but we dont care about that to be honest
every single land acts as a big ass dungeon with some different gimmicks like the castle of lady dimitrescu (you know the 3 meters tall woman you know the one everyone went bogus on twitter its absolutely impossible for you to not know who she is) + 3 daughters and apart from being possibly the greatest part of the game it gets into stealth territory because this bigass woman is just gonna stalk you everywhere and rightfully so yknow its her house lololololol so like i think this is the highest point of the game then you get the house of the puppeteer which is escape room stuff which is fun i guess the swamp is also fun in some ways ok actually i think its the worst part of the bunch BUT i liked it anyway and the final dungeon has the sexiest character of the bunch heisenberg just making fun of you over and over again and honestly being a humiliation kink guy i can say that i edged throughout the entirety of the section thank you capcom for that so yeah
then you get into final stuff territory with you playing as daddy chris which was pretty fun but seeing him with a super form fitting skin tight turtleneck was even funner oh my god hes so hot what the fuck did they just make this design and said “definitely nobody will get wet on this” i did thank you and then you got a big ass final fight which was somehow less interesting than the fight with heisenberg like first you make me super hyped about a mecha fight and then you pretend that a fight against a floating woman with some tentacles around will make me hyped i mean sure somehow but the highest point was already reached
as a action first game they really did manage to make some very interesting boss fights with the characters having some kind of quirks or shit that makes you say omg yeah i remember that fight because it was basically me playing hide and seek with a doll and skewering her in the guts like this is not gonna be treated as gore anyway
in general i did enjoy the lore and the story and whatever theres really a lot of thought being put in this one and also to make some ties with resident evil 7 for an engaging duology the plot twists were great but what absolutely took me by surprise was the worldbuilding of the village and the relationship and characterisation of the lords honestly i wont lie i was more interested to know about their personalities than saving rose for some reason like i just wanted to get to know heisenberg in a tea date i love him hes so hot im sorry people
umh yeah so anyway gameplay wise as i was saying this is resident evil 4 first person edition and its honestly fun as fuck the survival horror philosophy was thrown out of the window now theres a ton of ammos here and there a merchant with incredible personality monsters will drop some treasures that can be sold for a lot of money that you can use to buy blueprints ammo new weapons upgrades for weapons theres an incredible amount of thought put into this PLUS you can hunt animals and use their loots to make The Duke TM cook you some stuff and increase your health or stamina or whatever so theres so much customization so much action its incredible this game feels so inebriating to play and has an incredible gameplay loop and the art direction is dauntingly different from the previous entry resident evil 7 was all about toned down colors really dark environments claustrophobic places lots of junk and disgusting black materials and rusty stuff and whatever here they pushed the campy stuff to 100 because this is like big environments flashy personalities huge explosions spectacle everything put into it and its fucking grandious to be honest
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyeah probably one of my favourite resident evil till now possbly because how different and unique it is compared to the main series in a good way rose i love you so dearly
i usually dont get scared in horror videogames idk im not that easily scared by this kind of media (movies too lets be real) but the sequence in this game where ethan is in house beneviento and gets chased by that humanoid huge baby who screams and cries and laughs and its all dark and its all warped and the soundtrack and the visuals and everything definitely gave me goose bumps what the actual fuck istg this is one of the freakiest encounters in the entirety of the series and its done so beautifully it got so much interesting sound design to make people crawl up in their bed and cry

It's funny as hell that Ren tried to protect the girls and failed twice because he went to sleep lmao

Literally only vague memories of this game, but they are great from as much as I can tell: 4,5/5

no one could touch me at boxing, i embodied mike tyson for that shit

something in my brain chemistry changed when i realised i could make black yoshi



played this game so my gf but crush at the time would like me more and ended up crying cus it was so good so i got rizz and a 10/10 game in this one

i walk, the doggy, then i abondon it and i go with the kitty onto the rooftops before i jump to my death

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