Imo this is honestly the best Pokémon game. It may be a little too linear, though, the focus Ultra Moon puts on its core cast of characters is refreshing. Plus there's also very deliberate narrative theming here, a first for like any Pokémon title ever. It's still on the level of the most basic child-friendly entertainment, but hey, it's there. Also: this generation had the best new Pokémon. period. All other gens pale in comparison.

At the end of the day, it's still a Pokémon game tho, which means it's still mostly guilty pleasure. But as far as that goes, it may just be the best in the series. At least for me.

Okay, okay, I admit it: Any Pokémon game (that has exp share) is a guilty pleasure feelgood time for me - this one is no different (and actually really cute!)

Don't know nothing about Radiohead - but this is a strong vibes kind of game, but, for me at least, not much more. I like the idea of virtual exhibitions a lot, hopefully more stuff like this gets made in the future (although I dread the day this format gets connected to N/F/Ts somehow)

It's a short vignette of a charmingly written story set in a post apocalyptic world with an unique visual style - so yea, a good way to spend half an hour. In the short length Fostering Apocalypse develops some vibes but never gets really interesting in its themes. It's a vibey kind of experience, overall.

...I honestly kinda expected more? That'd be all the review needed to summarize my feelings towards this game. But, hey, while we're here, let me just talk about two things I really liked about Inscryption!

1) I love how much effort the developer(s) spent on things you only get to see for like three minutes. It's actually still see a novelty these days, because game development works, most times, in the complete opposite direction (and there is valid reason for that, I just think that those moments always keep players engaged and more interested bc they break up everything in such an interesting way). I think that's the biggest strength of this game - next to the presentation, which is absolutely stellar.

2) I really like how the gameplay is focused not on balance but on the player finding more and more opportunities to break all balance - that's also kinda rare and also very fun!

I was only able to play this, like, at all, by enabling the "time-only-moves-when-I-move"-setting bc honestly otherwise it's a really stressful game. But I liked it, in the end, although a bit short, it's a fun time to learn (and eventually master).

It's nice & relaxing, the ultimate "show don't tell"-experience, which gives the entire thing some novelty. However... I didn't find it particularly noteworthy? I had a good time and stuff, but my only meta-thought worth anything was "Well, this family gotta be very white". There is also a lot of hetero- (or rather homo-)normativity here, which makes the entire thing rather boring. The gameplay concept has, however, deconstrutive potential, and this game did use none of it.

it was fine for 4hrs, now I kinda don't wanna anymore. Very repetetive overall.

ok I'm actually still playing this, so this is a review in progress.

but: I accidentally swiped left on a character I really liked and found interesting and had a small breakdown bc of that and that was the moment I was like "this game is onto something"

holy shit, this is baaaaaaaad and unfun and cheap and I fully expect it to be ported to mobile in the next year

I actually liked this one! The writing especially was suprisingly good! Everything other than aspect is... good, but nothing special (which is to say, it's very ""AAA""). It's a fun time while it lasts (which cannot be said for most other ""AAA"" games).

There is only one big problem I have with this game: The huddle is a bad mechanic that brings the action to a screeching halt in favor of a half baked minigame that takes way too long and has way too little in terms of actual pay-off. It doesn't help that the dialogues start repeating themselves halfway through the game. I was euphoric at first to discover the songs that played after a successful huddle (which is every single one of them if you don't misclick) - only to be let down by the fact that you essentially only ever get to hear the first minute of every song. Even in longer battles, the normal (relatively generic) battle music randomly kicks back in for no discernable reason? It's... not fun. I actively avoided using it after a while - which is easily possible, thankfully. Which is little sad, as the idea had potential. The entire package is more than good enough to overlook that point tho.

This DLC fills a gap in the gameplay loop of the main game and should've been there from the beginning. Imo this DLC + the 2.0. edition of the main game as one package would've been a worthy successor to New Leaf. But as it stands right now, it's all a little too late to keep me invested in the game long term. It's very fun while it lasts tho.

I actually have only one big problem with this: Reaching the 30 completed interior designs necessary to "complete" the DLC gets a little tedious, sadly, because the themes you get are just so similiar to each other. There are a lot of requests just asking for design themed around sea or plants or the vague word 'relaxation' where you kinda get the same furniture to design them with. It's helpful you can pick between five different requests because, especially after 20 designs or so, like 3 of them are something you already kinda did - which can get very boring if you are forced to do them (which I was three times).

There are some very fun themes tho, and the designing process is a blast, especially after unlocking all the tools the game adds to the editor. On that front, they really outdid themselves: everything is easy to use, intuitive and you have all the features you could possibly want - except being able to decorate partition walls, please, let me decorate partition walls. The story this time around is also very cute.

It's very cute, very short and has all the vibes you could want from the title.

This game does a phenomenal work in translating Cucchis paintings into digital landscapes! Just a lil sad I never find them all too thought-provoking, they do have a certain feel to them tho

I mean, it's a nicely designed game that'd be worth a little of your time, WERE IT NOT for the incredibly racist stereotype that is one of the kissable characters. Mon Amours conception of love is also a strange one, stating "love is diversity" at every corner but only actively committing to referencing romantic or sexual relationships when they fit into the heteronormative narrative. Even the references to polyamory are completely discarded for the "true ending" which could not be more boring and generic. Which is quite sad, the fun gameplay loop kept me engaged for about two hours. Everything around that is honestly just irritatingly bad at the worst of times and agressively boring at the best of times.