Picked up when ill on a weekend. Was exactly what I needed.

It's such a shame honestly. The writing of this game is stellar, especially the conversations. The choices I can make feel like they have a point and a consequence.
I often found myself absorbed, really living the story through the characters. To the point where some situations hit a bit too close to home and made me reflect on life, it's purpose and all that. That's pretty strong from a game honestly.
But that's the issue, as a 'game' i's pretty tedious. Walking around is extremely slow and you sometimes have lots of backtracking to do (two scenes in particular).
Another thing is that, this behind a prelude, the end doesn't fall flat, something that I didn't like in the first game. The whole thing connects a bit better.

So, I'm going against the current of average reviews here : this game was just tedious. Initially, it starts amazingly, but as the rogue like aspect kicks in, it's just a pain. There's an heavy RNG aspect in the beginning that stacks against you.
I actually cheated and gave myself levels with Cheat Engine (I just don't like grinding in solo games) and the game was still tedious because you have to get lucky and spawn into a favorable loop where a lot of tiny parameters out of your control are aligned.
I had to restart a loop like, 10 times, for one specific event and I just gave up at that point and watched the ending on Youtube because the story still got me curious.

I personally can't stand horror like Amnesia or Outlast with otherworldly creatures and/or jumpscares. However, I enjoy thrilling games with deductions and murders, making it a weird combo, hard to find in video games.
This game is one of such combos.
I could enter into great details about the game, but it's just so good at what it does. It can be kind of slow sometimes however.

Got softlocked 3 hours into the game. Not feeling up to starting it all again. The combination is fun however, a good way to kill some time.

It's one of those games where I was completely enamoured during the entire thing, but unfortunately, it falls flat towards the end and leaves you frustrated.
I could expand on why the end was disappointing by spoiling, but I'd rather not, because I still think the game is a decent experience. It's visually incredible, the story and characters interactions are chef kiss, especially the two "main" characters. The alchimy they have really gave me a Judy & Nick vibe from Zootopia, but in a darker world.
The gameplay is what you'd expect from those kind of games, basically a giant interactive book (which isn't a bad thing imo)
Its focus being on the universe and characters instead.

A fantastic brief little experience. The game is available on a browser for free and I absolutely recommend it.
It talks of mental health issues and helped me when I was in a wrong spot in my life. It's visually gorgeous, the animation is eye-candy, the art style is lovely, the musics are incredible.
You'll finish it in around an hour or two.

TL;DR : Your kid will enjoy this game. You probably won't.
I gave up upon getting mid-way into the second level. It's just so linear. There's nothing really new, it's a basic 3D platformer with Spongebob's universe plastered on it. The controls aren't satisfying at all, and I often fought with them to make Spongebob do what I wanted him to do.
There's no reasons to farm the ressources other than to unlock costumes. The collectibles only allow you to unlock even more costumes. The game has a whole 'We couldn't finish in time' vibe, which is saddening and is seemingly becoming a norm nowadays.
The rhythm of the game and jokes just feels... off. It's as if they made this game thinking this was just another Spongebob episode. Which makes some interactions just so clanky.
One perfect example is a random fish PNJ saying 'Oh boy, they sure beat me up bad!', then cut to the famous overly detailed pictures that we can get in the show, without any sound, music or any kind of ambiance. The frame stays on until you actually press on a button. It's just so incredibly off.
It's visually enjoyable however, and I'd even dare to say charming. My sister is having a blast with the game. But I won't.

Definitely a strong game. I was hyped by someone telling me this was some sort of Stanley Parable. While it didn't quite meet my expectations, and is definitely not a 'Stanley Parable' like at all, I had fun playing the game!
As someone studying computer sciences, some of the references are even more enjoyable, such as the fact that the processes names all start by PID and a number, which is actually how a process is identified in your computer!
The game mechanics are satisfying, the puzzles aren't too hard, maybe a bit too easy. The voice acting quality is pretty spot on for an indie game, one of it's weak point being Alex's voice, imo.
Wasn't fond of the stealth part, too.
Had a few issues with controls towards the end of the game with some newer mechanics, also had to restart the game because the subtitles didn't match what was being said (plus visual tearing, maybe an issue on my side, overheating, idk)

Stay away from this game for your own good. It's sad because the game itself isn't BAD. But it's addicting. And the community is the worst I have ever faced in a video game.

Porn scenes aside, this story really connected with me. I needed an Amicus (charcter of the game) in my life when I played this game. I genuinely cried like a baby, something that didn't happen in a long time.
It's touching, it's revolting. It isn't cringe nor predictable. It plays with your feelings for the "love-interest?" in the game.
I'd totally understand if you brush this off because of the art style, porn and furry stuff but just know that this game is more than that.

Rating is only for Skye storyline, the rest didn't get to me. Maybe because I am not gay...? Nahhh.
But yeah. Porn furry. I like it because it's more than porn, there's a touching story going along with it.

I was unfortunately too dumb to go beyond 4 hours into the game.

I was excited for this game as it mixes two of my favorites things: furries and deduction.
A major problem resides within the English traduction (imo). Seeing as this is a visual novel, the writing is a priority. While not particularly bad, it's not great and didn't allow me to truly get in the story. Some sentences feel clunky, abrupt and short while some others are quite detailed. Because of this, the characters feel "empty" and not quite interesting. Almost robotic. I may be a bit harsh as I'm used to "bigger" deduction/visual novel games (Danganronpa, Ace Attorney's, 999 from Chunsoft,...)
This is a part the game struggles with too. Once the first murder happens, you exit the 'linear' visual novel part and have to gather clues. The system is horrific and not captivating. To keep things spoiler-free, let's say it feels quite empty. The interections with the elements within the decor are kept to a very limited manner.
For the decuction part, it's... eh. There's almost no consequences to failing in presenting the wrong clues, leading me to just spamming every clues when lost during the debates because of the sometimes poor traduction. This part kind of feel unfinished. Something that could have been enticing and exciting only to end up in a disappointing result.
Visual Art
The visual art gives a weird vibe. The drawing are, for the major part, very lovely, well detailed and captivating but... inconsistent? It's as if different style were put within the games at some point, hence giving a bit of a WIP aspect to certain parts.
As for the music, I found them to be minimalist at first but quite enjoyable after getting used to. Especially the what I would call 'intense' ones. Nothing too fancy but to be expected from an Indie game like this one.
I do think the game is still worth checking out despite my mostly negative review. I was curious enough to finish the game. If I was to speak the language the game was originally written in, I guess I would have quite enjoyed it! I'm just really sad that what could have been an awesome game ended up feeling like a three-quarter-finished one.

The second half of the game ruined everything it managed to build up to that point for me. It's such a shame because I was thoroughly enjoying the rest of it.