Watch and be amazed as I try to log as many games as I've played in my life, all the while showcasing a subtle hatred for the Oxford comma. I probably won't end up being able to log all of them, but I'm gonna try to get as close as possible. This is totally gonna go well. Oh yeah, and since the "reviews" I write here are just like a few sentences long, you can check out my GameSpot profile to see my longer reviews of these games.
(NOTE: If a game doesn't receive a rating, it just means I don't feel I've "beaten" the game, or played enough of it to give a rating.)
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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May 10

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
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Apr 27

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Apr 25

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It was cute. Nothing I care to stick with but it had a cute aesthetic. A little bland, though, which I think is why I didn't stick with it.

This is the weirdest I've ever felt reviewing a game. For transparency, I don't like to give games ratings unless I've "beaten" them. With Street Fighter 6, I dropped the World Tour mode on the last chapter; I just didn't have the motivation to grind to the point where I'd want to take on that final chaotic boss rush.
But that's the furthest I've gotten into a game I didn't beat. I played 13 hours of the 15-hour story, played the arcade mode and multiplayer and all that...can I give it a rating if I didn't beat the story mode? I'm conflicted. I guess I'll give it a rating and mark it as "retired."
Either way, while World Tour is overly grindy and not entirely to my liking, this is still a fantastic fighting game as far as pure mechanics. It really feels like Capcom learned from Street Fighter V, and I tip my cap to them on that. It's been fun to see this streak they've been on.

Didn't hold me for too long, but painting stuff was pretty fun.