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Interesting start but I just got more and more frustrated as it went on. I don't like the inclusion of cover mechanics and levels being heavily based around them, but it wasn't that big a deal till the third part where my enjoyment completely tanked. The absurdity and fun of the previous two feels lost in translation and just ended up hating Max and the characters by the end. Extremely disappointing.

Reviewed on Jul 10, 2020


One of the most emotionally complex and difficult games I've ever played thus far, I'm actually blown away about how much this hit and resonated. A deeply considered and explored revenge story that deconstructs the concept in a way I've never seen done before and ultimately becomes about forgiveness and the long, hard, and brutal road to get there.

Reviewed on Jun 29, 2020


Very slow burn of a game with heavy emphasis on theme above all else. At first I wasn't totally with it but still intrigued, but as the end grew closer, so did the fear and anxiety where I was on the edge of my seat scared once the ending was present and things began to come together.

Reviewed on Jun 19, 2020


I don't entirely have my thoughts about this game worked out, but wow I loved at. A sad, beautiful, and unique picture exploring death and obsession.

Reviewed on Jun 18, 2020


This is straight up the most terrifying game I've ever played. While deceptively simple in its gameplay, it more than makes up for with atmosphere and level design and does so in such a powerful way. Really not a lot I can say without giving anything away, this is one that can only really be understood through experience.

Reviewed on Feb 10, 2020