I know what I said before, but things have changed. This game is a masterpiece. One of the most fun and in-depth RPGs I’ve ever played. I constantly come back to it just because grinding in it is so much fun.

This game is flawed as hell.

It is easily my favorite game on the PS4.

This game is wonderful. The only flaw with it is that Kanna-Chan is not real.

This game is so insanely hard wtf also I want to marry Abbacchio

This game has unironically helped me more than most therapists do. I love you so much Sakuya.

Touko and I are one in the same

Satori and Koishi are the reason I have a hand fetish

You Grow Bigger will be there to greet me at the gates of hell for wanting to have premarital h*nd h*olding with Sakuya

Yukari's hands in this game are so beautiful
Also there is a lot of gay tension and I kinda love it