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Immaculate world building and storytelling, combined with machine-precision game design. Signalis is a dark, difficult game which propels you forward with jarring moments of tenderness. It is a complete work of art that stands on it's own merit.

Any review under 4 stars didn't understand the ending let's just be honest here

an important game to be remembered and revisited

kr0 lands in that perfect sweet spot of being densely referential and literary but in a way where it's already strange and eerie and heartfelt even if you don't pick up on any of that, and knowing its inspirations just makes you appreciate it more; also, funnily enough, in its preoccupations it's not that far removed from drakengard and nier even if on the surface it's a completely different type of thing
definitely a game by and for american lit graduates, but don't let that deter you; in the first place, it's about people and the systems that try to grind them down

I mean as a fan of the Devil May Cry I'd like to say this was just an okay game.
The only fun part about this game was playing with dante as it was more smooth and refined compared to dmc3 but u get dante after 12 missions and for only 6 missions so you can understand how lack luster most of it was.
The plot itself wasn't amazing Kyrie Wass good seeing the previous cast all together was a nice scene but what was the point if you didn't shed any light on them.
Concluding this all basically:-
No Vergil = Mid

my only memory of this game is the game freezing on my cousin and him shouting and then getting beat by my aunt as i sat in the corner, scared.

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