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Going through an Xbox exclusive binge in the lead up to Starfield and this was on the list. Was worried this was going to be awful but it was better than I expected. A lot of potential but it does fall rather short of what it could've been. If they stuck with a model they are used to instead of a looter shooter this game could've done better. The lack of variation of guns is a big drawback.
In terms of the narrative this game had a pretty interesting one. Learning about the vampires and the cultists was a lot of fun though it did get a bit repetitive towards the end. Repetitive being something that appears more than once in this review.
World building has always been something that Arkane Austin has done really well and here isn't very different. The town of Redfall is really well thought out and has a range of landmarks. Further immersing you in the world though the town itself is rather bare.
There's a few things that I think could've been added to the game to improve it if the developers had more time. I feel like it's likely this got rushed.
Firstly I'd have added friendly characters to the world, especially after clearing a neighborhood. There should be groups of friendly NPCs fighting mervs and cultists.
Guns should have more customisation options. Scopes, magazines etc
Combat with vampires could've had more depth. Like if they lunge at the player the player should be able to strafe or counter the vampire if timed correctly.
The game could've been scaled better for those of us playing the game solo. Fighting 4 or more vampires at a time is definitely a game over
Neighbourhood missions could've had more variety, maybe unique missions for each neighbourhood with a small backstory as to what's been happening there. The underboss could be also been more than a copy and paste vampire and instead be a full unique character.
Warehouse's could be done with unique characters as well to make them feel a bit different.
Cutscenes would have been a nice addition to the game, if not cutscenes then briefings that take place while playing the game.
System stability, this game crashed so much I lost count by the end. Two crashes happened a few minutes apart.
This game certainly had a lot of potential and while it was better than I expected it does fall so far short of it's potential.

Guns, bombs, explosions, various monsters to defeat, it's a Serious Sam game alright. Haven't played one in years but after playing this I really want to play the rest of the new releases like Serious Sam 3 & 4.
Before doing so though I will need to see if I can find out which order to play them in.
One thing I did notice when playing this is that these games may be best played with a mouse and keyboard.

I played the PS4 version when it came out and fancied a replay before rebirth comes out next year. Figured Intergrade was the best version to go with at this point.
On the whole I'd say this game is a really enjoyable experience. The base game is largely the same not including the slightly better graphics. I was quite surprised just how much of the revamped plot I had forgotten from my first playthrough. It's got me looking forward to when Rebirth comes out.
The ending of the base game did confuse me a little but the INTERmission DLC despite being mainly about Yuffie adds a few extra cutscenes for Cloud and the others set just after the end of the base game that helped me to understand things a bit better. The DLC is short but not too short and acts as a nice little prologue for Yuffie ahead of her meeting the gang in the next part.
The graphical upscale and the Yuffie DLC make this version the one to play in preparation for the next part.