I played the Switch version in '17/'18 and I thought it was ok, but recently I finished the game on PC. I don't think I gave this game the credit it deserved, but to be honest, I prefer the classics in all aspects. The combat was definitely the best part, but the weapons and upgrades are clearly unbalanced. Some specific issues I had include:
- lots of railroading (therefore not allowing you to find lost secrets);
- no skippable cutscenes;
- and I didn't like the music at all. Sorry.

A good game, but the original Kirby's Adventure is superior, despite all the lag.

This series needs to evolve already. The only reason I rank it so high is for the base game's presentation. Otherwise, the gameplay makes me feel nothing.

I tried so hard to give this game a chance, but I can't be bothered to finish Team Sonic's campaign. The levels are so goddamn long and they're not even fun to play. Not to mention the broken controls and intrusive team mechanics. The sole redeeming quality is the music, but Sonic music is rarely ever bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parts where you squirt your own milk on your fellow farm animals.

The only video game ever made.

I need to learn how to manually create lucid dreams so that I can pretend I have met the real Doremy Sweet.

Only redeeming factors are the Dedede theme, fighting with the Sleep ability and helping pave the way for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

This game is ridiculous and bad... but I still like it anyways.