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I like the core mechanics and the first two worlds of this game, it feels like the closest the Gamecube will ever get to God Hand but the latter half of the game gets too frustrating to be fun for me, so it feels overall like it's only half a good game.

The best way to describe it is that it's a "Kusoge Platformer"
It's got alot of jank, it's unoptimized, and the final bosses suck (yes all 3)
But movement controls are fun and it's got charm to pull through, but I can't recommend it.

Gaming in 2023 peaks here, nothing is ever gonna top Hi Fi Rush and it's only January.
Honestly I wasn't actually excited for much coming out this year outside of two other games but then this got released and I bought it day one due to loving it's style and lemme tell you this is the best $30 I've ever spent.
So many options to customize the experience to your skill level, charming characters (Peppermint is my favorite), fluid and fast combo action gameplay, and an excellent use of music to make the experience even better. Absolutely in love with this game, please go buy it!