Played for a few hours because I'm a huge fan of Factorio, but found it kinda boring

Fun game, but has several poor designed or frustrating game mechanics. The story is kinda good, but it lacks a new game+/sandbox mode that you could play after beating the game. I would recommend Don't Starve over this.

Really interesting roguelike with tons of gamemodes. It lacks the heavy content of other roguelikes, but it's quite enjoyable.

In paralel with Trials and Tribulations, the best game of the saga.

I'd never thought you could make a single-player MMORPG

Overall fun JRPG. It has certain moments of frustation apart from the boss fights, but once you look on the net for stuff it's a pretty straightforward game.

The new matrix mood mechanic, among the older ones (magatama and "percieve") really blend well together and keeps the trials fun and interactive. I loved the animated scenes and the apparition of prosecutors from past games and the new characters introduced, but one thing I noticed is that the investigation part of the game were really straightforward, like the game played itself. But overall, a really good Ace Attorney game with a new style.

Played this unironically 8 years ago. Don't do it now.

Kinda fun for a 3D Sonic game