I was hoping Supermassive Games were going back to Until Dawn but... no. While technically it is superb (except water) and it's the most "round" experience by them... it's gameplay is just so awful because it's non-existent. There literally is no reason this is a "game" and not an interactive movie on Netflix. The QTEs are even more dumbed down, now you have to press X to hide. Nothing else. Why? Compare that to holding your controller still or even pressing in rhythm to your heartbeat. All other events are also impossible to not successful complete. You can drink coffee and when the prompt to press absingle button comes up you still have seconds to react. Nothing about this makes you feel stressed or whatever. If this was more like Until Dawn (which also was a lot scarier in parts) this could have been a really great interactive experience. But that's what success is doing to art, make sequels dumb and dumberer for even more mainstream dumb masses.
What a fucking shame, since we don't get many high quality games technically anyway. Keep everything as it is but put some goddamn gameplay in it (good QTEs like in Heavy Rain eg are gameplay too).