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Fallout came out over a year earlier and does almost everything better, the main exception being how companions are handled. While I do find this game's combat more fluid than Fallout's, the encounter design is, more often than not, fucking abominable and ends up making the combat as a whole feel worse as a result. This would be a friendship ruiner if it were an actual D&D campaign, maybe even a cause for justifiable homicide. I'll give it props for its cultural impact and for cementing BioWare's place in video games, but that's about it.

I don't know shit about fighting games, but i can spot quality in a game, and this one has shitloads of it.
Yeah, that makes sense!

Who cares if I'm just a D - rank newbie player in Fightcade, like Woolie said: "It's THIRD STRIKE"
Doesn't matter if Diago "The Beast" Umehara said Third Strike sucks or don't care for it(that guy has a reputated toxic personality, but still well respected in the FGC either way), this game is the GOAT of fighters.

The best fighting game. Just wish we could get an official stand alone release with rollback netcode that the whole community would play on.

I feel like giving ratings to this is like adding a restaurant menu to Goodreads and reviewing it like: " I wish the prose was better :/ " or " Every word has a meaning! ".

finalmente me deliciei com esa história maravilhosa. é muito bom ver o desenvolvimento da relação entre joel e ellie. minha única crítica é em relação ao combate, pode ser muito punitivo e nada a ver, misturado com uma IA meio burra da sua party e uma SUPER INTELIGENTE dos inimigos. mas ok, o jogo é de 2014.

Such a good game I really love this game so much the story is just beautiful and heart-broken the gameplay is not boring is very good game I wish the multiplayer was back on the remake

(Played before 2023)
One of the best games ever. Excellent combat, story, characters, graphics, and a unique multiplayer mode that is still popular to this game. Definnitely one of my favorite games of all time and I can't think of any flaws or issues with the game except a plot hole near the end.