Playing this reminded me why I loved Mystery Case Files games so much as a kid.

My sister used to be obsessed with this game. I only played it for 5 minutes before I decided it wasn't for me...

Played the "Red Room" Japanese flash horror game. It was lame.

A decent text adventure game putting your shoes in the mind of someone suffering from a specific type of depression. I thought the blocked-in options preventing the player from choosing a more optimistic route was a clever way of doing it.

Haven't finished this yet but I really liked the writing style and Lovecraftian setting. I think I'll just play the expanded edition next time.

PewDiePie's playthrough of this game is absolute comedy gold.

Not sure if this is the correct version but Google Mad Libs is a lot of fun. Be sure not to be afraid to use profanity.

I played this so many times in primary school. Aside from its potential for childish school hijinks it's pretty crap.

Trivia Murder Party 2 is gold, Dictionarium and Joke Boat are fine, Role Model is lame, haven't played the rest.

Played everything except Fakin' It. Pretty good collection.

Played everything except Talking Points. Overall pretty fun.

Mad Verse City required a lot of creativity but it can be very rewarding.

Monster Seeking Monster is not as fun as it sounds...

Strong nostalgic memories from primary school when I used to play this with my friend during computer lessons. Teacher was pretty laid back.

Cool art design but repetitive gameplay