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Wow, the look of the grass really does look... grassy.
Same as the previous ones, it's been 3 years since I've played these games, still feels the same, except that add tactics and shit people barely use. Not bad, not good, it's certainly FIFA.
Let's see how FIFA 24... sorry EAFC 24 (stupid name) makes any changes... I'm betting no.
Still though happy to see my country have it's 3 Stars post WORLD CUP 2022! MUCHACHOS AHORA NOS VOLIMOS ILLUSIONAR! YA GANAMOS LA TERCEDA! YA SOMOS CAMPEON MUNDIAL!!! 🏆⭐⭐⭐

Gaia Seed is a space ship side scrolling shooter that has you fly as a spaceship fighting other space ships arcade style.
While you might see this as another typical space shooter, I think in general it has the right amount of difficulty that allows you to see how good and fun the game is.
There are a total of 7 stages each having you fight a boss at the end apart from stage 5 which is the only stage to contain a miniboss in-between.
What I find very unique about this game... apart from the atrocious ENGRISH; though honestly if you're someone who speaks English who has to say things in a language you don't know it would sound just as bad as how it sounds for the Japanese guy narrating in English in this game clearly not knowing what he's saying.
Anyway the unique thing I found about this game is how it contains a BOSS LIMIT timer to where if you don't defeat the boss in the time frame given, the boss actually dies, however as a cavoite you take damage for not killing it within the proper time frame.
However something unique the game does with this is decide your ending towards the end of the game during the final boss.
If you get to the final mechanical turtle boss it has 2 stages:
1. Regular Turtle which then becomes giant mech turtle
2. Angel Ball, after wasting all the time within the Boss limit, you actually see this thing appear and it doesn't attack you.
If you kill the Mech Turtle how you would any other boss, you get a bad ending.
If you decide to not kill the turtle and let the timer expire you come face to face with the Angel ball, if you kill it before it's boss limit timer runs out, you get a different a bad ending.
To get the true good ending, you have to just... survive and let both timer run out... and you get the happy ending about how humanity has to become holy-er and connect with nature.
Really a nice ending... only thing is it becomes hilarious with it's atrocious narration.
Still though the sound track and overall gameplay make this very unique and fun, and I'm not expecting FINAL FANTASY 7, PERSONA 5, HALO, or YAKZUA/LIKE A DRAGON levels of storytelling, but if it's fun. Then I'm happy.

Killzone is a fps for playstation 2 that is pretty mediocre and bland when it comes to it's setting, taking inspirations from other franchises, mostly likely from MEDAL OF HONOR, CALL OF DUTY, WOLFENSTEIN, and HALO.
This game mainly consists of 2 modes, but the main part of this game would have to be the story where you play as a Soldier named Jan Templar who has to go and fight against the HELGHAST in a war on another planet. He unites with an old fling of his named Luger who used to be his girlfriend but later became a heartless assassin. After that they meet a mercenary with a giant Gatling gun named Rico, all to tract down a double agent Helghast human halfling named Hakha, the 4 of them go out an attempt to stop the HELGHASTS plan of destroying the EARTH FLEET after Stuart Adams, a captain on one of the ships sells out Humanity for the sake of power.
You are able to play as either of the 4 post level 5, for the first and second levels you play as Templar, for the Third you have a decision between Lugar and Templar, for the 4th you have a decision between Rico, Lugar, and Templar. And finally after meeting Hakha, you can select whichever you feel like. The best option is Rico since he is able to hold Gatling gun assault rifles, 1 unique to Rico alone, and one that only enemies hold.
The levels play out as follows: GET TO POINT A to B, and you'll probably have obstacles like taking out tanks, or snipers.
Each level plays more like a chapter with mini levels in between, sometimes you'll have 3 parts to a single chapter/mission, sometimes, it's only to. In total the game has 11 chapters, with 3 levels within them each give or take.
I enjoyed my time with it, I did have fun, though I did play on HARD and it gave me a struggle and I felt how cheap the A.I. was at times, but I enjoyed my time with it, even if the story was bland, the environments were grey and boring, the gunplay is genuinely fun, and I can see how this led into the franchise it became.
But to be honest I can see if there's a reason for why people decide to go directly to either 2, 3, or Shadow Fall. I'll give a solid 2.5 for: it's meh, fun meh in terms of gameplay, but bland in every other department.
Next up for me, is KILLZONE LIBERATION for PSP.