Left 4 Dead is the iconic Zombie game that EVERYONE once in their life if you've ever used Steam or an Xbox 360.
The game features a terrifying run downed post apocalyptic America, overrun with infected (zombies).
The game features 4 protagonist:
- Francis (a biker with attitude who isn't that bright but is very courageous and funny)
-Louis (an office worker who can be both very smart and likeable in terms of character, however his A.I. in game is always the one that seems to do whatever it wants for no reason, sometimes wandering off to either die, or leave you behind, or taking supplies that he doesn't need),
-Zoey (Beautiful and Cute College Student who is both afraid and yet comedic when she has to be, however surviving a Zombie apocalypse is never easy, though she is the one you always want to pick to play as, because:
1. She's cute
2. She's Hot
3. She's the only Girl Character
4. She's voiced by Jen Taylor [Voice of Cortana from Halo, and Princess Peach in Mario]
Zoey is best girl)
- Bill (A veteran who has the instinct of survival who essentially understands the infected and is very tactical when it comes to attacking, and running from the infected)
The game is reliant on you working together as a team regardless of who you choose on the adventure, your team works as a unit to defend against the infected, as well as making sure you are all well supplied, and help each other out when facing the hordes.
A member of the party certainly can be killed, but at the very it doesn't leave your party completely vulnerable, as you can make it with all 3 members, or 2 members, and sometimes if you're really lucky with 1.
However, don't ever attempt to wander forward and get ahead of your group, this is not a Zombie game where you're a badass lone-wolf, YOU WILL DIE if you are not together as a group.
You could say "that's lame cause it means the game is limited to me having to stay with the group" yes but that's the point, you're not DOOM GUY or the Master Chief, you're a (Female College Student/Moronic Biker/Anxious Ex-Office Worker/ Old Veteran in his 60s), you need to work as a unit.
Now it would be a boring game if you only had to face hordes of regular zombies, but OH NO, the infected have something of their own that are to even the playing field of traversal.
These are known as the special infected, who are mutated zombies with special abilities due to the infection mutating the victims who were contaminated by it.
In L4D1 there are 5 special infected, with one of them being unplayable in VERSUS mode (i'll get to that):
- Boomer (Obese Fat People who were infected by the Green Flu which caused these individuals to essentially inflate like a balloon while having all these pustules spread all throughout their heads, necks, and stomachs. The main purpose of these infected are to do 1 simple thing:
1. Vomit on you to automatically summon a horde to your direction cause a lot of damage.
These Fatasses are easy to kill, as they are very fragile to damage, 1 hit will cause them to explode, but you will recieve no damage)
- Hunters (The best way I can describe them is they are essentially like Assassin's from Assassin's Creed, except they ludge at you, and attempt to rip out your organs [in terms of the game they just repeat an animation of them attacking you until either they get killed or they successfully kill you] and they scream whenever they ludge, they're the best to play as due to their speed, and the distance they are able to travel, they are not difficult to kill as once they land on you, they cannot stop the attack, allowing for a team mate to save you, or vice versa, they're the best to play as in versus if you just want to traverse the maps.
- Smoker (these special infected are what they sound like, essentially lung cancer people who were infected by the green flew which caused the Smokers to have a elongated tongue which is used as a means to trap the survivors/ separate them. They always take the stealth approach, positioning themselves in areas just out of view, and purposefully will attempt to take out the easiest target by sticking their tongues and latching it onto the player, dragging them towards the Smoker. If the Smoker grabs a player and is successful in pulling the survivor towards them, the Smoker will proceed to backslash the survivor while still trapped, this can be stopped by killing the Smoker. However the Smoker is not an idiot as it purposefully will try to separate a survivor NOT SPECFICALLY FOR IT TO KILL/DAMAGE THE SURVIVIOR, but to make sure that it drags it so that a Boomer can vomit on the trapped survivor, or so the Hunter can later lunge onto the play, working in unison just like the survivors).
- The Tank (This is an infected Body Builder who most likely was taking Steroids and with the mixture of the Green Flu turned them into a roided out psycho giant force of nature that will cause MAJOR DAMAGE to the party. These beasts have A LOT OF HEALTH, so much so that they will run at you, and just by them hitting you, can launch you back making you take massive damage, and they are able to summon [I say summon because the way the animation plays it shows the Tank ripping the rock from the ground, however the ground itself remains the same] a giant rock that can be thrown at hit you, ALSO CAUSING DAMAGE.
The Tank is able to hit objects that are scattered around the map towards you, that can actually down you pretty easily, like the cars. These guys take MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME to kill as they are not only strong, but have a lot of health. Thankfully they only appear rarely in specific areas of the map, and you know they're coming because a specific song will play, alerting you that a Tank has arrived).
- The Witch (the only unplayable special infected that essentially is woman who is either nearly naked, or wears an outfit that is tattered that cries and covers her face. DO NOT GET ANYWHERE NEAR THIS INFECTED, if you see it, stay far away from it, and turn off your light and try to sneak passed. The Witch is technically the second strongest special infected in the game, as if you were to alert her in ANYWAY via shooting, getting too close, or continuing to shine your flash light at her will cause to get angry. ALL PLAYERS will recieve an alert that one of the survivors has awoken the Witch, when this happens, you better run to your fellow survivors, or take whats coming to you, as the Witch will chase after you with this horrifying face with elongated fingers that look more like spikes, and will automatically down you upon hitting you, and will continue to damage you while you're downed. It takes a while to kill the Witch and luckily, the Witch will only aim for the 1 Player who decided to disturb her. If she successfully kills the player she will move on to the next player if another is near, however the damage she does won't be as severe.)
The game features 6/7 Campaigns however 1 of them is for survival mode only, and 3 of them are DLC maps, so if you're playing vanilla there are 4 maps. Each map is broken down into 4 different sections with each section getting harder and harder. The game will throw everything at you to stop you from getting to the safe rooms, after successfully getting to every safe room, the section of the game will load, as the previous will be unloaded and unplayable. After the 3rd safe room, you get to the end and enjoy the credits of that map. Which act like a movie which is fun.
The maps (including DLC):
1. No Mercy
2. Blood Harvest
3. Dead Air
4. Death Toll
5. Crash Course (DLC)
6. The Sacrifice (DLC) - [This DLC is further explored in L4D2, as the impact of this map, is later canonically continued in 2, with the Death of one of the L4D1 Survivors]
7. The Last Stand (DLC - Survival Map on a Light House which is non-canon, as every other Map IS CANON).
The game makes sure you prioritize on your supplies via having health packs, ammo, weapons, throwables (Molotov, grenades, pipe bombs, Boomer Biles), medicine, etc. Which you are able to share with your fellow survivors. However please know that you are able to take a primary weapon and secondary, you are not allowed 2 primaries, and if you want a melee you're going to lose your secondary, so think wisely.
The best feature is the versus mode which is a unique mode that is essentially the campaign except you are with other players who are either your party or who are playing as the special infected, and if you thought the A.I.'s were too easy, get ready because now you're playing against a real person who might know the ins and outs of the game, making it tough for you and your fellow players to traverse. It's a fun and exhilarating mode I recommend you all to play with friends.
The game makes sure you use your head along with your team, which is great. It helps a lot with the atmosphere of the game and the soundtrack as well. The animations for the infected are amazing, and unique.
L4D2 is the better package now. Reason I say this is because L4D2 features all of these previous maps, and survivors, as well as adding the features from L4D2 along with it's special infected.
So if you're planning on playing L4D, first, play it on steam as it features more options for online, solo, as well as the ability to mod. Play L4D2 as it has all the maps from L4D1 and is essentially the complete package for playing 1 and 2.
Great game, though play L4D2 on steam, don't buy the original.

Reviewed on Dec 03, 2022