Undertale on acid

I'm not sure if this game sells itself as a rhythm game, but as a fan of shmups and avoidance games in general, I thought the combat was pretty fantastic.

If you were really wanting to hit buttons to the beat play stepmania or something like Old School Musical.
But also play Bullet Audyssey for something similar to Everhood's gameplay.

Presentation was interesting, but I don't get it.

Ending grind fucking SUCKED
I didn't babysit it 100% efficiently so it added another 10hrs onto the game time of just skipping through the final chapter.
Don't tell the player to look up the other endings online, but also have a trophy for seeing them all yourself.

Best cinematic platformer there is

easy baby shmup
stopped playing after the plat(30mins)

~You're lonely rolling star~

meh, didn't have to finish the whole game for the plat so stopped after an hour

Only played for 30mins, didnt care for it, but did get the
plat. (34mins)