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Without love, it cannot be steamed

...its okay.
The best part about this game is the actual gameplay itself, the movement, weapons, and having to move quickly in this game is incredibly fun. However, what holds this game bad is the abysmally bad writing along with jokes that honestly feel as if they were pulled from Reddit/Twitter.

While most people may have grown up with hit and run, this was my childhood simpsons game.
While not perfect, it still is a lot of fun and worth palying at least once if you are a simpsons fan.

Yakuza 0 is a flawed game. On one hand, you have this beautifully crafted bustling mid-80s Japanese town full of awesome side quests and characters. On the other hand you have a convoluted storyline about grizzled mob bosses who turn into emotional softies the moment you beat them in a fight.
I liked Yakuza 0 but it certainly didn't live up to it's full potential. The neon drenched Kamurocho is a window to 80s Japan and feels more alive than any other videogame world. The protagonists, Majima and Kiryu are tough, intimidating yet kind and likeable. The cinematics are super entertaining and have an over the top anime flavor to them.
The story is all over the place. The main villians are portrayed as the absolute scum of the earth who are hell bent on destroying others to gain power, they threaten to kill the people you love, they make your life miserable but once you finally beat them, they pour their heart out to you like you're their long lost lover. I assume the writers' goal here was to invoke sympathy but it feels lazy and rushed. The story has quite a bit of "anime-ness" to it, that is, it takes quite a long time to get to the climax of each story thread but in the end, you're back to square one and you've accomplished nothing.
The combat kinda sucks. I'm not good at fighting games so I may have missed a bunch of combos and other nuanced aspects of the combat system but I button mashed my way through it just fine. It also felt like the only viable combat modes were the ones in yellow (Majima's baseball bat technique and Kiryu's beast style). All the other techniques are susceptible to getting stun-locked when fighting a crowd and have low damage when fighting 1v1. Also, whoever thought it was a good idea to have the character stand still to execute a finishing move needs to go to jail.
With a stronger, focused narrative this game could've easily been an 4-4.5 but as it stands, I give it a 3/5

Your company is NOTHING, you serve ZERO purpose. You should declare bankruptcy NOW, and give somebody else a piece of those stocks in the wall street that's covered up so other people could have those dollars in this economy.
Like what are you even here for? To expect us to give it a pass and worship you? Go bankrupt. And I mean that with a hundred percent, with a thousand percent.

this looks like hello neighbor
and that’s not a good thing at all
$60 btw
Edit: and after literally ONE DAY of release, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has been removed from PC stores LOL

it's called amnesia because everyone forgot this game came out

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