A great example on how the hell a standalone DLC can be better than any game in the entire franchise

A solid sequel that did so much than any game since BotW, finally, we have some good story with proper cutscenes and a more intriguing story than its predecessor, the soundtrack is a step up too, with more variety and more quality into it, the shrines are basically worse, most of the shrines takes 1 minute to clear, and some shrines are the most weirdest puzzles ever created (not in a bad way tho), the temples are more varied and pleasant to do too, the new powers are good but ultrahand is too often bad to use and very clunky to use if you want to build the things you want to build in a clean way, duplicata is a godsent to counter ultrahand lategame, the fusion is great and improves the problems of the durability system by making any weapon, any time
The sky islands are a disappointment, the only good island is the prologue, and then it's the same layout over and over except a few like the foggy one etc.
The Depths are the same as the Islands, same shit, over and over, same enemy camps, same mines, same yiga camps, the same layout under hyrule, it was cool the first few hours but later it's a chore to do and you must do anything in the depths if you want the special outfits, get duplicata and the resources for duplicata.
The performance is completely garbage (and worse than botw???), I'm so devastated that this game is held back by this ancient hardware
The final boss is probably one of the best of the licence and one of the best bosses I've experienced (Mostly because of its soundtrack that is divine I can't explain how much chills I had while listening to it), the best step up compared to BotW.
Overall, this game has a lot of flaws, but it's still a good evolution from its predecessor and I like this one more

I can't believe this game hasn't changed a bit since it's release in 2014, it's still bugged, unfinished, unpolished as hell.
The only good thing about it is the multiplayer, you can make fun of the game with other people.

This game has so much more potential than its big sis Genshin, the story is actually interesting and doesn't give you the urge of smashing the skip button to avoid the dialogues because yes, Hoyoverse, the legendary studio behind Genshin Impact, made a good story, good characters, good gameplay and a soundtrack that I can remember of.
The story is good and interesting, and the side content is quite goofy and silly sometimes it's pleasant, note that you can have an entire sidequest with sentients trashbins in a zone that is a literal Bloodborne reference
But I didn't finished the main story yet so I don't really know if the quality keeps up until then.
But remember, it's Hoyoverse, it's a gacha, exactly similar of Genshin, which is garbage and forces you to buy to get the character/cone you want otherwise, play the game 12h per day to keep up.
Otherwise, it's a solid mobile game for what it is excluding the gacha aspect and you sould give it a try.

Wow I don't really know how they can tell a story that empty in a setting that is """Endwalker-tier""" but they did it, and I'm loosing hope that they can catch it within the next seasons but man this is worrying.
Gameplay wise the Strand is really fun and more fun when you're playing Hunter with the grapple etc.
There's some quality of life too like making builds easier, but it's so barebones you can't name it with a custom name and it's a chore to choose an icon, pre-configured name and color so there's some room for improvements
Otherwise pretty mid expansion and for the setting it's astonishing that they've done that lmao
Going from Witch Queen to Lightfall is so wrong, I'm looking forward on how they will fix this.

I lost my save near the end but overall this sequel is good but I despise the double beam mechanics and the travel between the portals are redundant
Dark Samus my beloved

Sit down and take notes Hunt Down the Freeman

I hated it back in 2015, the "you have a limited time to do things and must do things in certain hours etc" wasn't my cup of tea, a story similar to Shenmue, altough I do not consider returing to this one yet.
But the main problems of this remaster are certainly things like the Zora swimming, the Deku spin and some other minor things like the D-pad, wich had no purpose at all.
Thanks to the Restoration Project, this remaster is so much more enjoyable, it fixes pretty much everything to bring the game much closer to the original N64 game.
I was shocked to be in love with this game so much, the storytelling and the universe are pretty amazing, despite the infinite amount of reused assets from OoT3D and some side quests that are so clever for my little brain so I had to look up online, the dev team knew how to create an amazing game like this, considering the 1 year deadline.
I had a wonderful time with this entry that it may become my favorite Zelda game, and I'll return to the N64 one very soon
But strong advice: if you are planning to play the 3DS version, PLAY IT WITH THE RESTORATION MOD IF YOU CAN.

Probably the first 3D Pokémon game that I really liked, the new pokemons are full of life and charming, the characters are varied and interesting too, the world design is fun to explore, especially with Miraidon. Despite all the rounded corners and some concepts in Arceus that haven't made in this game who could have been great, the game implements severals quality of life improvements as well for the fights, leveling and captures, but manages to have one of the worst world maps ever made.
The game hit me in the face right after the introduction of the area zero, I had so many chills until the end of the game, the soundtrack was amazing too, which we can clearly recognize Toby Fox and he nailed it so freaking much.
I'm so happy that Game Freak is back to give me chills even decades after I played the DS games, If it's the direction that GF wants to take, then I'm totally for it, with a better deadline the next time please because the game still looks ass and unfinished.

This games truly feels like I'm Spider-Man, especially with the boring puzzles and the bad infiltration sections with MJ

I'm so divided with this one, like most people, I played Automata first, in 2017, and I loved it so much, I felt so connected with the game, and I was hyped for the remaster to come out since the original version was complicated for me to play, and then 1.22 came out, I finished it nearly 1 year after, I liked it, but that wasn't enough to forgive all of the problems the game have
This game is a repetitive mess, if you want to finish it, you're gonna need some patience in mind, because you're gonna replay most of the game a few times, plus, at a certain point, you'll need to get all of the weapons to continue
And this replay value is just filled with backtracking (I curse you, Junk Heap, you were a mistake)
So, was the last ending worth it ? Not for me. It was satisfying, but not enough to make me think that all of this was worth it.

Thanks to Team Silent, we know how to make a game worse, more clunky and less playable than the first one

The RPG elements are welcome, but the choice of tracks is so poor and unvaried it's such a shame, at least you can import your own tracks (mp3 only, FLAC owners can copium)

The new content is a yes, but I still don't know at this day who at the writing thought the bucket would be funny to implement, it's such a complete drawback from anything else

This DLC 50/50, the difficulty is a mess like at the beginning you'll die by some random wolfs in 2 hits and then the final boss will struggle to kill you despite the fact that you only took 3 levels in the DLC, the AI of Sonon is so dumb that he'll kill himself everytime in some aoe, the gameplay of Yuffie is gorgeous but the game gives you no time to perfectionate this, the soundtrack is very good and varied, like there's an entire chapter full of jazz and I need more of that please Square