Swinging is AMAZING, story is ASS. Some of the voice casting is great, some of it is god awful. There are cool ideas but not all of them are adequately fleshed out. Also buggy as fuck which I guess makes sense for the ol' web head.

"Hey we should make a game based on spider-man 3-"
Black suit theme cues in

Why is this so amazing, it goes from godfather level crime drama and emotional storytelling to bollywood levels of insanity.

Pretty much as fun as the first game, but feels like it's lacking what made that one special.

Felt like there was a decrease in depth for spider-man's gameplay, I also wish he got more story missions. However this is MORE than made up for by the gorgeous visuals and venom's inclusion as a fully fleshed out playable character.

Probably the only soulslike thing I will ever touch and I am perfectly okay with that.

Pretty decent campaign but the first halo game that I really got into the multiplayer, shame about the lack of content and I haven't really gotten forge to fully work for me.

Is it THAT bad? ehhhh. Is it still bad? yes definitely

Yeah yeah it wasn't great at launch but I didn't play it at launch. Probably the most value you'll ever get outta 40 bucks or whatever you're gonna pay for this.

Boring as shit... I'm sorry it just ain't for me.

If this game was a transformer, it would be from the beast era and it would turn into a GOAT.

Best banter I've ever seen in a video game. Wish the co-op wasn't tied to an account though so I could play with my buddies.

Great variety of locations, great variety of orcs, but falls flat in the story. The SCRIPTED story that is.
The first ever orc I recruited betrayed me after I passed over him when choosing who to make an overlord. We have a bit of back and forth for a while until I fuck with him by shaming him which drives him mad and lowers his level. I run into him again and decide to shame him once more, I do this again and again until he is at the minimum level. I take a bit of pity on him and make up my mind that i'll recruit him and make him the max level... until he gets one hit by a random monster that I tried to use to kill his goons.