I enjoyed this overall, but all those 10/10s make it seem much better than it actually is.

The good:
- Voice acting is chefs kiss
- The gameplay, and the general "feel" of the game, is very much like every other Arkane game. I personally like that, but ymmv.
- The concept of the game and how it plays out is cool. I liked seeing different areas at different times of the day, and planning how to navigate around them.
- Gameplay and pacing (after the tutorial) is pretty good and kept me constantly entertained, especially with different trinkets and powers.
- The world is interesting and there's little secrets to explore in different areas**
- Among Us in Deathloop (this is not a spoiler)

I finished this in 2 sessions (13 hours and 6 hours) without breaks, so that should tell you this is pretty fun.

The bad:
- **The little secrets you discover don't really reward you well for discovering them most of the time.
- My 2060 couldn't give me consistent framerate at 1440p, and even had some drops in 1080p. I ended up getting this on PS5, where it experienced a total of 3 crashes, and I encountered 2 bugs with the menus. Not a huge deal, but I wish things were better tested and optimized before release.
- The game doesn't give you a lot of freedom. It was marketed as "you'll have to explore and figure out how to kill all the bosses in a single loop", which holds true but there aren't multiples ways to do that. There's literally only one way to finish the game. Its linear, which is fine, but I will it provided less guidance and let me figure things out on my own instead of telling me exactly what to do and where to go.

I think if there was a little bit more freedom and a little less hand holding, this would have been a 4.5/5 for me.

Reviewed on Sep 27, 2021

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