i like video games and i like video games ppl consider bad (he/him)
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I feel an odd sense of disappointment.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a case of a remake done right. EA Motive did everything right when it came to remaking this classic, but in some cases it feels widely inferior to its original. The improvement in the atmosphere makes the experience much more claustrophobic but strangely…I feel things are more predicable this time around. Even in the original, the Necromorphs are an looming presence that I feel like no matter how safe I feel, they would come and attack me when I least expect it. With this, I didn’t feel that, I feel like I instantly knew the spots, the routes. I rolled my eyes when I went to explore, I found one waiting for me on my way back to the main area.
It’s not all bad, the Necromorphs designs are deliciously disgusting and the gore, they outdid themselves this time around.
Exploration is a must considering side quests were added, though I feel like it wasn’t needed to make them ‘side quests.’ They’re important to Issac and Nicole’s relationship and characters, I would argue they could’ve easily made them main quests and that wouldn’t deter the game at all.
Issacs new face model made me laugh, and making him a speaking protag instead of a silent one didn’t make me want to stop playing as it did with Dead Space 2, and it’s nice to have more of a backstory of Issac. But at time his character was just pure nothing, I think leaving him a silent protag would’ve been okay.
I think this is a worthy remake all things considering. I loved playing it and it did so much right that I’m happy it exists. I just wish it didn’t feel like I’m playing an inferior imitation at times. I’m grateful that EA does something right for a change, and still allow the original to be purchasable on Steam, so even if I play this again and it does nothing for me, I can just go back and play the original.

The only time i ever felt this level of disappointment from a game was Scorn and i hate that i have to go through this again!!!

no score for this one. the short time i played this game it exceeded my expectations, the traversal felt amazing to go through. but GODS the load times were just atrocious, i understand I have a PS4 but GOWR was much more faster than this game...3 mins of loading. honestly i rather just have the linear levels back with shorter load times than waiting a long time like that. i've decided i will go ahead and just wait to purchase it on PC with the rig I planned on getting some time this year