What an absolutely beautiful experience this was

The first 40 or so hours were a lot of fun Messing around with the new mechanics but after a while a lot of the flaws and clunkiness started showing up. Some negatives:
- horrible sage abilities and after a while I stopped using them altogether
- why did they completely ignore some world building questions like what happened to the old shrines? What happened to the divine beasts? they completely glossed over it
- lack of enemy variety which was a problem botw also had after a while
- sky island was not as cool as it was advertised and the depths were also just boring it's very rare you'd find something interesting, it felt like a chore and most times I'm just in there mining lmao
- only having 3 weapon types makes weapons just very boring
- not a big negative but I wish we were more present in the imprisoning war story instead of just watching it through memories
- Hyrule felt way too similar and the minor changes weren't enough to be entertaining, the caves were cool the first few times but after a while it got old fast and u basically do the same thing in all of them
Some positives:
- I really enjoyed the story and characters
- the final boss battle was a beautiful spectacle
... unfortunately I actually can't think of any other positives I have spent 185 hours so I did do and find a lot and it's not like I didn't enjoy it I still really enjoyed the game but there's so much flaws with this game that I cannot say I enjoyed it as much as botw which is in my top 5 favorite games

It was okay, visually beautiful with amazing sound design and music but the boss fights were not very fun or as exhilarating as other fromsoft games

This assassin's Creed replay has been interesting, I haven't enjoyed a single game since black flag, I didn't like this game years ago but replaying it I hate it even more

From the very first God of war game to this...I couldn't ask for a more perfect Ending to the legend kratos' story.

Loved it I'm surprised I enjoyed it more than the first game but I did

I absolutely loved this game and can't wait to play the other games the story was so fuckin good and Tommy might be one of my favorite protagonists ever, such a beautiful message behind the ending even though it was so fuckin sad

I think I've had my fun with this game but me being so bad at this game makes me believe that I would enjoy much more if I knew how to combo and do all these fun stuff I see people doing the character designs are amazing and probably my favorite part of this game the story was laughably bad but I wasn't expecting much from a fighting game overall it was fun but I don't think this genre of games are for me but I will probably still buy street fighter 6

Didn't enjoy it much when it first released and upon replaying it nothing has changed. the story was bad and the gameplay was such a buggy mess, it has fancy animations but wow overall it plays horribly. the stealth is probably the best out of any assassin's Creed game but that's only if it works because like I said before it's such a buggy and broken gamr lmao there was so much wasted potential in this game because it had the right idea but the execution was so sloppy

Great game It was really interesting flipping everything on its head and playing as the "enemy" the templars

Absolutely fuckin amazing but that's to be expected of these games and this being a spin off just shows how good the characters in this series are because Nate wasn't in this at all but it was still great and while it's more of an add on to uncharted 4 it still felt like its own thing

I really really loved this and excited for parts 2 and 3 I don't mind the story changes because if I want the og story the og is literally always there so lol

It was good, that's really all I have to say