It's either an easy game or hardest ff you've ever played thanks to stupid broken card system. You can be literal god in the very beginning of the fucking game if you abuse the card game, but if you didn't you'll just die and die again. FF7 haters are really overestimate this game

The game is a huge the sopranos and the Godfather referance, just finished it for its humor

People who say they enjoyed this game are the biggest liers in denial
-Romans 3:4

Metal Slug 3 est excellent et fait partie des jeux d’arcade de légende. Magnifique, dynamique, doté d’un contenu énorme, il saura vous occuper de longues heures, surtout si vous essayez de le terminer en un seul crédit ou que vous essayez de vous emparer de la première place du classement en ligne.

Nobody has played this lol, if you did you were probably my neighbor

People bitching about the game oh really? this is easily among the top 10 nes games, what are you guys talking about