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I played this and watched as Ducks descended from the heavens. I named each one and gave them backstories and personalities and told tales of how the bottom pool was the kool kid pool where the rebel ducks sneak and go smoke. I watched as Biwwy the sad duck hid constantly while the sassy Christmas Duck Martha swanned about, far too cool for the others.
It was very amusing to make up all this nonsense backstory.
Oh yeah this is supposed to be a review. Um. Ducks?

This feels like a game made for youtubers. Its full of weird things, random violence, random obscene humour and everything is 'Random'.
This isnt a bad thing, I had quite a few laughs and the sheer amount of stuff you can do in such a small space is honestly surprising but after a bit the 'lol random' morphs into slog work as you pinch, pull and poke at every part of the game in order to try and work out how to actually get the other two endings.
Its still fun, just limited fun.

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug and my fondness for Pac-Man World knows no bounds. Come 2022 and suddenly Namco throws this out of the blue with shiny new graphics, some slight re-jigging of some mechanics and burying Mrs Pac-Man in an unmarked grave and replacing her with Pac-Mom.
And honestly its fine. Its a breezy fun little game but it honestly just suffers a little from being Pac-Man world which already was a pretty easy game, now made even easier with the game's fixes to slopes and added accessibility options.
And yes, plowing through each stage from beginning to end is incredibly charming and endearing but its also over and done with too quickly. Its far too easy to 100% everything speedily and makes the whole thing feel a bit lacking, especially when stacked up against the likes of the Crash and Spyro trilogy remakes.
Makes you wish they had put in some new levels or added Pac-Man World 2 into the mix or.... Something! On sale though? Its a fun jaunt. On full price? Not enough here.