Hi, I am Jan./Jean [any pronouns]
Depressive, autistic and funny. Sometimes at least.
I am not in the age where I have to have played everything anymore.
"But you MUST have played that!"
I don't have to do anything except sleep, drink, breathe and fuck and tick according to my own written rules.
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Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition
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Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut
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A Hand With Many Fingers
A Hand With Many Fingers

Sep 13

A Bewitching Revolution
A Bewitching Revolution

Sep 12

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A Hand With Many Fingers takes inspiration from a real-life conspiracy, which adds a attractive layer of authenticity to the gameplay. For those familiar with the background, the overall experience won't unveil anything groundbreaking, but it still manages to captivate and entertain.
One commendable aspect is its ability to generate a shady atmosphere that keeps players on edge. The game effectively employs subtle techniques such as the sounds of other people despite the player being alone or a car conveniently halting right in front of their office window. These elements contribute to a steady build-up of paranoia, adding to the overall tension and suspense of the narrative.
While the game successfully builds up this paranoia, there is a missed opportunity to further heighten this feeling throughout the entire experience. I wish there had been a moment or two at the beginning that would have made the player feel safe again. For example, the phone rings once, but no one is on the line. From this point on, you are supposed to feel insecure and observed. Perhaps there should have been another call a little later, in which the situation is clarified and you briefly have the feeling that everything is okay.
Additionally, the mechanics surrounding the archive in the game are well-executed. Players will find themselves immersed in the process of sorting through files, piecing together clues, and uncovering hidden secrets. This particular aspect of the game adds depth and complexity to the overall experience, providing a satisfying challenge for players to overcome.
However, there are a couple of areas where A Hand With Many Fingers falls short. The absence of a hint system can be frustrating for players who may find themselves stuck at certain points in the game. During the last ~10 minutes, I felt overwhelmed with all the information on the conspiracy board, that I really would have appreciated a hint to push me into the right direction.
Lastly, the ending feels rather abrupt. It would have been satisfying to see a more fleshed-out ending.
Despite minor shortcomings, the game offers a unique and intriguing dive into the world of conspiracy. With its basis on a real story and its effective build-up of tension, the game manages to entertain players, making it a worthwhile experience for those interested in delving into a short mystery-filled adventure.

Kirby Triple Deluxe offers a delightful variety of levels, each with its own unique charm and style. Despite sharing themes, the game manages to keep things fresh and engaging throughout. This reminds me of Wario Land 4.
However, one minor annoyance lies in the Sunstone collection mechanic. To progress, players are required to gather these Sunstones scattered throughout each level, which can feel cumbersome.
It is not that bad, you most likely will find all the Sunstones you need while playing the levels and won't need to replay them over and over.
I am just not a big fan of having to collect stuff in order to progress in general.
One standout aspect of Kirby Triple Deluxe is the remarkable usage of the 3D-System's 3D-feature. The developers skillfully play with depth perception and add a layer of excitement to the gameplay. I think I might have enjoyed it even more, if I was playing on a 3DS model (I have a N2DSXL).
While the game is undoubtedly enjoyable, some gameplay features feel a bit overused. It would have been nice to see more variety in certain mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh.
One glaring flaw is the final boss fight, which drags on for far too long. While the initial excitement is present, it quickly becomes a test of endurance. A shorter, punchier battle, for e.g. only the first three stages, would have been enough. The unnecessary length can dampen the overall satisfaction and makes it feel like a chore.
As a nostalgic nod to fans of Kirby's Dream Land on the GameBoy (and maybe other Kirby games), a lot of the music in Kirby Triple Deluxe is a lovely throwback. The familiar tunes add an extra layer of warmth and enjoyment to the overall gaming experience.
Kirby Triple Deluxe offers unique and captivating levels that will keep you engaged. Although the Sunstone collection can be bothersome, the 3D-feature and lovely soundtrack make up for the minor shortcomings.

One of the standout elements of Mega Man Battle Network is its interesting setting. The game offers a breath of fresh air by combining the real world with a virtual cyberspace that has some kind of early 2000s internet charme.
Character design is a bright spot, with the majority of EXE-Characters looking pretty good. Except IceMan.EXE. IceMan.EXE looks just boring.
Unfortunately, Mega Man Battle Network fails to live up to its potential in its first entry. The game feels like an early Game Boy Advance title, because it is. Most of the stuff feels played a bit to safe in order to not push the hardware to any limits and have a playable game on the technical level.
This can be particularly noticeable in the repetitive nature of the encounters, which become tiresome over time.
Furthermore, the storytelling in the game lacks depth and fails to engage players. Maybe I would have been more into as a kid.
The plot revolves around the ever-repeating formula of WWW, the evil terrorist organisation in this game, attacking some sort of infrastructure and Lan defeating their operator. This lack of narrative development can make the overall experience feel monotonous and uninteresting.
This repetitive pattern continues until the final confrontation with the boss of the WWW. The boss has some sort of bigger plan than just attacking the infrastructure, but the overall execution is ... not good. I wouldn't even say disappointing since the build up was not well made aswell.
Another aspect that hinders the gameplay is the dungeon design. Exploring these areas often feels like a chore due to their lack of visual variety or their challenges are rubbish (looking at you, ElecMan.EXE!). Additionally, the need for pixel-perfect movement here and there to progress can be frustrating and takes away from the enjoyment of the game.
Moreover, the "questlog" is sometimes pretty precise and sometimes vague and confusing. For example at one point we have to find a kidnapped kid, but all the "questlog" says is something like: "We need to find Froid." I think it at least should push the player in some direction, maybe with something like: "The kidnappers used a car. Maybe it is still around."
Mega Man Battle Network presents an intriguing setting and visually appealing character designs, offering a refreshing take on the franchise. However, its shortcomings hindered the overall enjoyment of the game for me. From here, I think the Battle Network series can only become better.