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Pulled all the way through this time after initially running out of steam around world 6 about a year ago. The fundamental gameplay alone is certainly a home run, but the playful music and atmosphere further enhance things and give the game an oddly comforting and familiar feel for me. It might be that it's very reminiscent of games I'd download free trials for off Nick Arcade as a little kid (such as SpongeBob SquarePants Obstacle Odyssey). Either way, really good stuff all around. I can see myself coming back to this several times in the future.
It's not without its hiccups, though. Launchers and Arthropod, for example, are insanely egregious and difficult for the first half of the game's standards, creating a really weird bump in the otherwise smooth, steady difficulty curve. Similarly, in the last world in Story Mode the design philosophy completely changes and noticeably becomes totally obtuse. They're not even necessarily harder than the levels in the previous two worlds, but it's a very jarring shift that doesn't really result in any enjoyable levels out of those last ten.
Would very strongly recommend this game, but definitely don't let your guard down. It gets a lot harder than it initially lets on.

Definitely an improvement over Ys III, but overall kind of mediocre nonetheless. The plot feels pretty run of the mill for the genre, but the game is short enough and the fan translation is written well enough for it to still be somewhat engaging. Music is weaker than it was in III, though I did play III on Genesis in which it sounds kind of insane. Definitely a bit of a high bar to clear.
The combat is the real weak link here. I've heard it's just implemented particularly poorly in this game, but the bump combat system it uses is miserable. At least grinding becomes much shorter than it is in a typical RPG, but since you have no invincibility frames (much like in III), you're dead meat if you slip up more than maybe once. This style of combat doesn't really work out in the game's boss battles either, they were mostly trivial but when they weren't (such as Gruda) they were needlessly tedious and aggravating. No in-between, no bosses that really piqued my interest.
Would I recommend Ys IV on SNES (not to be confused with Ys IV on TG-CD)? Probably not. I didn't hate my time with it, but it didn't really do anything for me that I didn't get more enjoyment of somewhere else. I'm glad to see an RPG that only takes a single digit number of hours, but what I got here could certainly be better. I do hear the Ys games I've chosen are kind of black sheeps, so maybe I should see some other entries if I ever find myself interested. Maybe I'll play Ys V or the other Ys IV one of these days, but the other games aren't really in the timeframe and console era I tend to gravitate towards.

Bad platformer by Imagineering, takes about 20-30 minutes. Seems to be a tie-in for a brief animated series featuring the minds of Brad Bird, Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton. Apparently it sucks really fucking hard as well. Wikipedia refers to it as a "cult disaster".