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man the real horror game is just how shitty the apartment you live in is, like seriously the first ten percent of the game is just coming home, doing the rounds, thinking something spooky's about to happen in your apartment but then realizing that no your laundry's eminating smoke because your apartment's just that shitty. it's hilarious
Otherwise... there's at least a neat concept here. You enter your home, find out somebody's murdered your girlfriend, and that you have eight minutes to figure out who they are and find a way to defend yourself before they come over to your place. It's a cool concept, and I like the feeling of frantically rushing around your shitty apartment trying to remember (or, well, find in this case, but it's the main protagonist trying to remember) where you put all your previously useless garbage... the main problem is that it takes half the game to even reach that point, and then three-quarters of the actual gameplay is spent trying to figure out who it could possibly be trying to kill you (when from the opening cutscene the culprit is INCREDIBLY obvious) instead of doing things like trying to run, blockade your home, try to figure out an escape route etc. etc. It's a neat concept wasted on something a bit too bogged down by a story that... doesn't need as much there as it does (seriously, why is the mystery aspect there at all) and combined with a really poor English translation and confusion as to who's speaking during some of the cutscene... my time with this game was okay enough, but I can't help but feel like there's potential for it to have been a lot better. 5/10.

>buy role playing game
>look inside
>No role playing elements

the story is ass, every faction sucks, and i hate what they did to power armor. mom, i want old fallout back sobs

Outside of Disco Elysium, I haven't found a single crpg which was entertaining enough for me to play past the 10 hour mark and PoE hasn't changed that. The world is woefully boring, the quests are terrible and the combat is a snooze-fest. I think this genre just isn't for me.

Game has it's flaws, but it's a personal 10/10, I just fell in love with the story and aesthetics, Shade is so cool and just like me frfr on god. Credits to Vincent Lai, he's got a really cool voice. Everyone else did a great job too.

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