(This review is purely for first impressions having completed exclusively the MAIN MISSIONS ONLY)
Completed the main quest in 12 hours and 34 minutes on Normal difficulty.
Man where do I start, the game has the worst story of all Bethesda RPG's, the characters, cities and villains are forgettable. Nothing feels ICONIC whereas in Fallout they create a whole feeling. (Brands, interesting/well designed factions, engaging NPC's and enemies) There's barely any reoccuring enemies when playing the main quest. It's pirates, robots or Starborn. It feels BLAND.
It took me 5 hours to get (sort of?) hooked into the main story which seems far too long. It's why this game is getting review bombed because you shouldnt have to play 5 hours of a Bethesda RPG to get intrigued. Peoples attention span isn't taking them that far in I'm guessing. Half of this issue is the lifeless and boring intro, terrible, when compared to Fallout 3 or Skyrims introduction to the world.
The fast travel system feels overcomplicated and cluttered. Difficult to navigate more often than not and cutscenes that aren't skippable make this a true slug to the exploring aspect.
Now that some of the bad is out of the way the 1000 planets is just incredible for size and detail. Which from what I've heard from friends, does bring a more engaging experience to Starfield. (Yet to explore more side missions)
The combat and movement is better than ever, jump packs make fight sequences and foot travel fun and faster paced.
BUGS. I've come across ZERO bugs which is mindblowing especially for a day one Bethesda release. Had the game crash a few times that's about it.
So far its okay. I need to sink in more hours to give a proper review and I think most should do the same before commenting on such a huge game. I'm impressed they've accomplished something this ambitious although personally for me they should be focusing on the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout as they just do it for me.
A note to devs these days. Quality over quantity. There's been dozens of games that follow the same trend lately. AC Valhalla, Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk, Hogwarts Legacy and more all have huge worlds that tend to be so overwhelming, an often challenge to get immersed into the story due to the sheer scale. I'm missing levels more than ever. Not everything needs to be open world. Most gamers in their 20s 30s 40s DO NOT have time to peel back the layers of these games.
Hope to return to give this another more in depth review later. For now 3/5 seems completely fair.

Co-op Playthrough finished in 6 hours 30 minutes with JJ D00M. (Minus failed missions time).
Another great addition to the Halo Wars games, can't decide if I prefer 1 or 2. Across the board the level design was either terrible or perfect and no inbetween. More units/buildings/interactive spots on the map but the graphics seemed a bit more cartooney for this one and also didn't feel AS HALO as the original Wars game. Cutscenes went hard.
Played all DLC. Was cool to play as Atriox and also firefight is a no brainer for strategy. Would've loved a mode like that on BFME.

Co-op Playthrough finished in 7 hours 8 minutes with JJ D00M.
Still holds up and is really well optimised for a console strategy game. Level diversity is great, some small bugs that consist throughout the campaign but nothing that ruins the game as a whole.
I'd play a Halo Wars 3?!

Playthrough finished in 11 hours.
Can't believe its been nearly 20 years since this was released. I had played briefly lots of times as a kid but struggled with some of the puzzle aspects in the game and even after playing at 25 it was still tough in parts.
I love the physics in Half Life and the weapon designs are some of the most interesting and probably at the time most innovative in the gaming industry.
Played on the Steam Deck with minimal crashes. What a little gem of a series from Valve. The real question.. Where is Half Life 3?

Standard difficulty playthrough finished in 11 hours 40 mins. (A rank)
One of, if not the best Resident Evil remake from Capcom so far. Unbelievably quality game, once again setting the bar high for the gaming industry. Truly the leaders in next gen gaming at the moment.