This review contains spoilers

This game is not deserving of being an adaptation of this final Shrek film. The story is the same, but with gameplay events that make it playable instead of just watchable like a movie. The Graphics are bad, both models look made on a cut budget, and the environment looks made on an average budget, it's not impressive to look at. The gameplay has good things and bad things. Combat is alright, it's what you expect from attacking people, you can enjoy the levels since they are like exploring the movie, not greatly but there, and the ability to scare enemies with roars is good. But they keep the story the same in cutscenes about Donkey and Fiona never meeting Shrek, and yet you can play as them like as if their still such close friends that they can function similarly, this makes no sense, doing these tasks multiple times gets boring, and the story in the gameplay without the things that made them interesting in the movie, they just acknowledge it's the movie's story and do nothing to tell it in an interesting way. Music is fine, but nothing that deserves a raise. Shrek Forever After is not an ever after to the game franchise that gamers would want, and instead gave us the movie, told badly.

Reviewed on Oct 11, 2022