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The first app to effectively gamify language learning.
Highly recommend this for anyone taking their first steps towards learning the Japanese language: I was able to memorise the kana within a month of daily use. The pleasant UI and Zen soundtrack are bonuses on top of the efficient spaced repetition techniques.
Includes a JLPT challenge mode in a recent patch, introducing a limited set of vocab which is useful for teaching basic words by utilising the kana taught in the base modes.
Looking forward to a "You Can Kanji" in the future!

Yeah, this game kind of sucks. As an action game it's totally serviceable—at times I'd even agree it's pretty enjoyable—but as a Resident Evil game it completely falls short of the franchise's core themes and values: There is no complexity to puzzle solving; No ambiguity to objectives; No backtracking to uncover new secrets; No discretion to the plot; No player choice; No time to stop and let the story breathe; No replay value and, honestly, you can breeze through this in 2-3 hours on your first playthrough. The whole thing is a beautiful, underwhelming roller coaster ride from start to finish. It's an enormous regression from the previous remake.
Resident Evil 3 is an explosive theme park adaptation of its source material. Much like the original trilogy, it's my least favourite of the remakes so far.
"You want STARS? I'll give you [two] STARS!"