Psychonauts 2 is something that you are never quite sure how it exists, you know those amazing indie games that have great ideas but fall short because of budget or development time? Psychonauts 2 is that game, is a indie game with great ideas that was given time and money to fully fulfill it's ideas.

3d platformers have always been one of my favorite genre, but i also enjoy games around narratives and well written characters , and those two things are rarely seeing together, and yet, here they are. The platforming controls amazingly, you incorporate the powers into your move set, making getting around very smooth.

The game really shines on it's sense of humor, narrative and character build, everyone here is used well and it's there until the end, even random npcs have a net little interaction and sense of humor. And i haven't even said anything about the mental worlds, i got tired of being amazed by a new one again and again, it's a thing you must see for yourself and you'll never find in another game.

This game is really something, i could not recommend more, go see for yourself what the minds of Double Fine did because the wait was worth it.

Reviewed on Sep 08, 2021