Death of the Outsider finishes with a great touch the Dishonored series, while it is the smaller one, it's also one with the best quality's, the narrative tells the story of two of the most interesting characters in the universe and of course Arkane delivers a great tale.

Playing in stealth is ever so satisfying with your powers in this game, i never used more all my powers and they never worked so well.

Outsider sums up everything great about the series, and i for one think that sometimes less is better, and this game is a great example.


Sable is a gorgeous looking game with some great hits from Japanese Breakfast, it starts well with a charismatic set of characters and some interesting tasks to do.

However once you start you gliding you see almost nothing of such things, there are some highlights here and there like some big city, and the diferent architeture of the places, but you're, as in it's inspiration botw, roaming throw a big but empty world, and while there are a set of things to do in each region, they repeat, and you rarely interact with other characters, making for me still a good game, but with the feeling it could have been more.

Que grata surpresa Unsighted foi, feito inteiramente por duas devs trans brasileiras é um incrivel metroidvania, com uma historia e personagens cativantes , incriveis dungeons no melhor estilo zelda classico, onde cada novo item é uma chave mas tambem uma arma, porem aplicado ao contexto metroidvania onde a cada item voce esta se locomovendo mais e mais rapido e acessando mais e mais areas. Mal posso esperar pelos proximos jogos do estudio

It's funny how they nailed Kamala Klan character, because this could be a great Ms Marvel game, but it isn't that, they make good on the avengers characters, so this could be a good narrative about them, also isn't that.

It's a shame really that some high execs at square wanted a game as a service, because even skipping whenever possible the fights and not even touching the Destiny part it still is so repetitive.

Ms. Marvel well designed character deserved much more, such a shame.

A monster expedition fells like an endless line of little puzzle to solve that evolves throughout the journey, salted by it's charming humor making every day of playing it a relax set of puzzles to solve and humans to make fun of while you're at it.

It's "open world" structure has benefits no doubt, that you can't get stuck, you just need to go somewhere else, however i ended up in the playtime facing much advanced puzzles mixing concepts that i hadn't learned before, and that was a little annoying.

But nothing to discourage you from playing it, it's a blast and a relaxing experience.

It was a pleasant surprise, Ghost Trick dos well what some games these days try and fail, to use time loops in a inventive way, with a charismatic cast of characters and a well thought narrative, it is for sure a hidden gem.

As a child i would have loved to play those games, not sure how i ended up never seeing it even being a Crash kid, playing today, i can say that they're fair 3d platformers, the games fell nice to control and fulfill what i expected from a remake from the ps1 era.

As for the games, the second is the most lackluster, with the new bad controls and the tentative to be collectatonish, the third is ok, it goes back to the first formula and sticks to 3d platformers while adding some interesting side eggs. The first is still the best, it has simpler objectives, however has the best controls and fun things to do in a platformer.

Overall a fine remake, too bad Activision sucks and only wants to know about Cod so we will never get a new Spyro.

To play through the first trilogy was to see the evolution of everything, and the unwound future has by far the best puzzle structure, with the most elaborate tools at your disposal. Layton did back then something some puzzle game's struggle till today, that is having a good hint and help system, it doesn't matter if you get stuck on one because you have enough tips to use and go on, especially on this one.

Of course the narratives are always exciting to see, and this one is no different, in fact some could say it is the best one, yes it is a little over the top at times, but by a large margin everything connects and you got a gameplay full of nice surprises throughout the whole experience , and of course that final.

I'm glad to have finally played this series, the only moment i want to get over a puzzle was to see the narrative go on faster, if a friend recommend this to you, do not ignore it 👀

It's hard to judge Galaxy 2 without comparing it to Galaxy 1, however i think in this case Galaxy 2 makes the most impressive thing for a sequence of a game this good, that is to improve upon all the original mistakes.

Galaxy 2 level design fells flawless, even more than in 1, the movement is way tighter and way more interesting to execute, that's partially because the camera, while still bad, it's not a problem anymore, because the level designers put the default one in a way to always make your jumps works, and that makes a world of difference.

The power ups that were really bad on the original are actually good here, they are fun! Add a new complexity and layer to things, and now we have Yoshi! Somehow the Yoshi motion is not that bad. Hell, even the extra levels are better, because the platforming fells smother in the clone mario or speedrun levels, they fell like actual levels now, it's a long jump simulator but superb nevertheless.

I think my only complaints about this game are still the extra 100 purple coins that are a pain, the post game that this time has an incredible extra world but the prize is more repetition, the motion controls that are less but still a pain (the only five stars i left behind) and of course the lost of the heart of the Galaxy in Rosalina.

Still, as a platformer genre fan , the movement, the level design makes for a greater game, one of the best ones ever made.

Dread comes as a direct sequel to Fusion, but really it's a continuation to 2017 Samus Returns, as the same devs take their ideas on the remake and try to finish Samu's main saga, and as someone who recently played Samus Returns this game comes in great time.

While Dread improves upon some stuff that Returns did, like the parry system, the missle and tank upgrades and so on, for me that kinda get traded back because of the repetition of some minibosses and the EMMI's, that could have been used better, after some time it just gets annoyng, the suit upgrades being underwhelming in comparison and the lost of some other elements as well.

With that said, Dread is a great game, running through the corridors fells ever so satisfying, getting all the upgrades makes you really solve some puzzling situations to get your running state to the tiles that needs to be broken, all the big boss fights felt fair and rewarding to my pickup of 75% of items, where my extra tanks gave me more shots at getting the parry times, they were a delight.

It's just a solid game overall, also nice touching changing the end, Samus deserves better than the old ""Zero Suit"" endings, the artworks are great.

Being Ember's lab first game, Kena is a gorgeous looking game with Pixar looking cutcene's and great song design, as the studios previous experience with animation shines.

One of the best parts of Kena it's the rots, those adorable little creature that make everything seems worth playing , you find hats for them, play with them, so good.

The most contradictory part of this game is the combat, while it does get good after you go through some upgrades, for me it was the least interesting part of the game. And that it's the thing the game could improve most.

Because Kena's gameplay has separate parts, and some are very interesting like platforming (using the great upgrades to the bow) and exploring to find more Rot's , Hats, and Spirit Mails. And the combat just isn't, it takes too much of a lead role in the game and that's not where the game excels.

Overall great game, the narrative is touching and every character you met has a interesting tale to share with you, i hope that for the next game they focus more on this, because there was potential, even Kena with her amazing expressions could have used some more backstory.

Psychonauts 2 is something that you are never quite sure how it exists, you know those amazing indie games that have great ideas but fall short because of budget or development time? Psychonauts 2 is that game, is a indie game with great ideas that was given time and money to fully fulfill it's ideas.

3d platformers have always been one of my favorite genre, but i also enjoy games around narratives and well written characters , and those two things are rarely seeing together, and yet, here they are. The platforming controls amazingly, you incorporate the powers into your move set, making getting around very smooth.

The game really shines on it's sense of humor, narrative and character build, everyone here is used well and it's there until the end, even random npcs have a net little interaction and sense of humor. And i haven't even said anything about the mental worlds, i got tired of being amazed by a new one again and again, it's a thing you must see for yourself and you'll never find in another game.

This game is really something, i could not recommend more, go see for yourself what the minds of Double Fine did because the wait was worth it.

O que acontece quando você mistura Pokemon, Paper Mario, Queimada e um... desenho do cartoon? é, isso é Dodgeball Academia. Um jogo que é super divertido em seu gameplay e poderia ser só isso mas é muito mais.

Cada personagem é feito com carisma e o mundo da escola vive com a historia contada pelos "azarões", as personalidades de cada um, os sotaques e regionalimos de cada estudante proporcionam grandes momentos e piadas bem unicas que só um jogo brasileiro poderia fazer.

No fim recomendo demais, é uma alegria de jogar do começo ao fim com um jogo de esporte arcade que tem poucos por ai

Obra Din is as unique as a game could be, one of the few detective games out there, and that alone give it even more credit, Lucas Pope made something entirely new and unique in a genre that is lackluster, to say the least.

As someone who loves detectives narratives it was a blast to play through it, every 3 revelations were so nice to obtain, every little piece that sent me back to other memories, i even developed my own system to make the deduction work as i wanted it to.

My only little critique is that with 60 people and reasons the end becomes to much of a guesswork, but just a minor thing, if you like solving puzzles or detectives narratives, this is a must play.