This review contains spoilers

game is stunning, the soundtrack may be a bit tedious sometimes but overall amazing experience, wish could use d-pad to play it though ngl specially at fira event holy mother remained there for 3h, had to look up how to get the aggelos sword but yea

played with my grandma and she loved it so yea

i wanna play it again so i can end up with dana

do you wanna feel what life without depression and and anxiety feels like? play this

this is such an amazing snack experience, i wish we had more games like this just to chill

very nice pixel art game, a little short but given it hasn't beem outside of asia and it's an arcade game from the 2000's

it's cute and the level design is interesting, the puzzles are cool but oh boy was this kinda not good and i just finished it cuz it was one of those cartridges i used to rent and couldn't leave the first area