what if we made counter-strike but it had the lightning pace & matchup knowledge required of fighting games. you have to put up with ubisofts abysmal pc client, occasional server issues, an extremely steep learning curve, and years of iterative liveservice grievances, but the reward for your patience, composure, and penchant for masochism is one of the most dynamic & fierce multiplayer shooters you could sink your teeth into. skirmishes are claustrophobic, intensely layered, and verge into eerie; when communications are in disarray and the information economy siege is founded on fails to tick properly every environment tends to feel like it's haunted, almost voyeuristic. you never know what hole operators are peeking at you through, or if they're inverse rappelling from above a window with laser sights trained on you. just as the cruelty of hunt: showdown ate up a lot of my time in 2022, i expect 2023 to be the year of siege standing in for my personal go-to multiplayer vehicle

Reviewed on Jan 02, 2023


4 months ago

Fuze mains sweep

4 months ago

I got a thousand hours into this game in the span of 3-4 months during covid, now i play more casual and i'm at 1.500ish hours, i just cant let go, this game is worse than crack, crack at least makes me lose weight, still, one of the more unique tactical FPS multiplayer games ou there, too bad its made by Ubisoft