So colorful! An absolute joy to play through!

The best single player content in a cart racer. The vibes are immaculate, and all the content is fun, with a surprising amount of mechanical depth waiting to be discovered.

Genesis action platformer but with MORE girls and MORE furries. Love this game!

Loved every second of it, the game-play is great, and the music and visuals speak to me on a spiritual level

There were a lot of textboxes, but I don't care hahaha

Regularly subverts your expectations, absolute classic

The bosses are pretty and they do cool things

Some of the best level design in any game. Absolute masterpiece and a perfect gateway drug to romhacks.

The absolute best movement physics in any 3D plat-former, and it did it back in 96. Forget about people saying it's dated, it's so fun and the mix of silicone graphics prepackaged textures and hand drawn and created assets has so much more soul than any other Mario game.

Normally not much of a physics puzzle gamer, but this game has so much charm from the music to the visuals, to the character designs that I can't help but love it. I haven't beaten banana mania yet but I'd like to call it now and say this is the definitive super monkey ball experience.