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Spent 7 hours. Got first two companions.
Then realized I got no desire to spend another 50-60 hours with this particular game.
-world felt somewhat more alive than in XCDE
-some designs are kinda nice
-combat is more straightforward, but at the same time still kinda eh.
-loot cumshots (just make items go straight to your inventory jeez)
-rather big amount of poor comedic moments/characters
-bad English dub (characters and voices feel very dissociated from one another)
Overall, felt like I was playing a comedy/parody game that, if shorter, would've been fine, but now it's too big and bloated.

Top-notch level designs in most cases, but I felt rather underwhelmed by the main story.
Felt as if game focused on one group of characters bit too much while other two groups remained kind of ignored throughout the whole game. Despite final parts trying to make them relevant again.

Appears to be rather very greedy.
Joined in at launch event to see that EU server was not a thing (hello, 240 ms ping) and stayed around for about a week to see what it had to offer. Resource and energy seemed somewhat imbalanced, not once causing me to pour all of daily "stamina" just to get some credits/resources for some level-ups.
What really made me quit for now was essentially 4 "limited-time rate ups" with split "pity" one after another.
With no time or chance to gather a decent amount of premium currency without real-money-transactions.
I understand that you are likely supposed to just choose one and be happy, but that does not make it any less scummy towards those who don't want to research beforehand what rate-up schedule will look like just after launch.
As for the rest of the game:
- the writing, even by gacha standards, is very poor at the start
- the protagonist model literally has no face (and I didn't notice any explanation why they couldn't have just given him a mask if they didn't want to animate different expressions)
- English dub is meh
I might return at some anniversary to see if it changes for the better. But somehow I doubt it.