I attempted to give this game numerous chances, but ultimately it tested my patience far too much for me to continue with any more exits. The number of blind jumps and what feels like deliberate trolls (enemies in blocks, coin trails into spikes, dropping enemies out of the sky directly atop the player, etc.) made the game feel incredibly disrespectful to the player. Secret exits later in the game grew incredibly convoluted, largely in part to the trial and error of figuring out where to blindly jump to progress to the secret exit. Hitboxes were also incredibly janky with both the player sprite and enemies often either phasing through or getting stuck inside walls.
As for some positives, the game certainly has a charm to it, and the few power ups in the game are fun to use. The game's physics feel a bit strange, but the general movement options felt enjoyable. The spritework and character art are both quite cute, and show obvious effort. Despite the game having a few decent boss fights (The Aya fight was a neat Galaxy-esque fight), the level design in the game just feels like playing an assortment of sloppily constructed Mario Maker levels, though. The blindness of a lot of the platforming combined with the strange hitboxes turned me off from the game. Perhaps under a different lense I could enjoy the game, but for the most part the game felt incredibly frustrating despite how much I tried to enjoy it.