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You’re on fire, Kratos.
It will pass.
Jesus christ please just let video games be fun again I don’t want to climb walls and hear Atreus talk to himself I want to swing my axe around

Pretty fun for what it is but a pretty shameful concept in terms of marketing and publishing. Definitely well-tempered in terms of difficulty on Normal for the most part, though I'm not a fan of how slowly the characters move by default as well as how spongy the weak enemies tend to be for a shoot-em-up. The bosses are varied enough but the game's short with only a few stages, though I didn't get the secret ending (yet?) so there might be a huge load of extra content I missed by just getting the regular ending and playing a bit more after that. Not like anyone would know, right? The game's only got a small amount of people able to play it in the first place...
I'm quite a fan of the music I heard and the voices are fun in terms of both acting and sound quality. It's pretty nice sound design, nothing super out-there for the current age but clearly done with passion. The look of the graphics and the feel of the controls are both solid; in general I do enjoy the game's presentation and style even if retraux is a bit less loved by most nowadays. It gets the quarter-munching nature of old games down well enough, though I question why the devs missed any opportunities to bring a dead player back unless you beat a level by not giving the game some kind of credit system. It's also pretty annoying that neither character has EXP information unless you pause the game so you generally don't know how many enemies to kill to get to your next level before a boss, which can limit the amount of strategy to put in for the game's light RPG mechanics unless you're a big fan of the + button. Still, finding the secret areas and mowing down every block you see is nice as you can often get plenty of bonus EXP and power-ups to make your trips to the pause menu less necessary.
Getting away from the game itself for a minute though, the fact that the game is physical only feels like a detriment to it, especially since its limited nature could never have been lived up to by the game for how short and content-light it is. Furthermore, the game having old-style secrets and codes to put in is cool but hampered by the fact that only a maximum of approximately 9000 people are ever going to play it at all, meaning any shared information will be scarce at best unless the game eventually gets a wider release. This was incredibly lame of a decision and while I don't regret playing the game, I can't possibly support developers going this route in the future if they can help it. The game's fun as I've described and can make for a sweet afternoon with a buddy in co-op, but it has enough issues and a lack of longevity that I can't help but feel burned. If it had been released more cheaply and made more widely available I'm sure I would have felt much less lukewarm on it, but as it is I just don't think it was worth it.

I like it for being Mega Man through and through but this is easily the worst on the Nes. The weapons are all bad, not a single good one. The Mega buster is so insanely broken, you might as well only use that expect some boss weaknesses. The music is not very good and the dark man stages dont need further comment. This game does nothing to stand out besides introducing Beat I guess. The arrow is really cool though so ill give it that. I like the game but I dont love it.

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Man this game was not nearly as good as it was hyped up to be
The individual levels are fine, nothing special. The bosses either die in 2 seconds or kill you in 2 seconds so there's no time to enjoy them.
The final levels are extremely frustrating and highlight the flaws of the power mechanics. This was by far the least enjoyable part of the game and left a bad taste.
The final boss essentially has you try every power until 1 random illogical one works. I was just glad it was over

While a normal player may find megaman 2 on the Nes to be the peak of the series, Mega Man diehards all know that this game is far from the best in the series. This game has problems out of the ass. I am not talking about the "Normal" difficulty on the NES cartridge which is double damage and makes some enemies much easier (Literally super duper easy mode). Metal blade is broken, heat bubble air quick wood and crash all suck ass as weapons. You need crash to beat the wily 4 boss which is designed horribly btw but anyone who has played it knows why. All of the wily stages are poorly designed and are not fun to playthrough at all. Just a few reasons why I dont like the game very much but I play it every year....... I love Mega Man and its still a "good" game but its very overrated and has a lot of problems.

one of the more encouragingly dissectible metroid games. yeah you’ve heard it everywhere; the hardware limitations enforce a more anxious atmosphere and the dull colors convey it yada yada yada. but one thing i don’t always see people highlight are the hellish soundscapes that blanket the entire experience. exacerbating your trek through rubbled caverns and cities lost to time. as you creep and crawl your way up, down and all around confusing and numbing passageways a nightmarish clusterfuck of a melody backs you up. anxiety slips its way into the foreground. a fleeting silence ensues before reaching the inevitable encounter with one of the dozens of metroid creatures. business as usual. as you escape the decayed yet entrancing ruins, the ever gratifying main theme plays, signifying your triumph and carries forth motivation to continue the monotony. one more thing to add would be the setting: ancient ruins and forgotten tunnels laid to rot in the pits of hell. how did this happen? why are these places left extinct aside from the disconnected monsters that lurk? we will never know. stuff like that gets my brain going you know? insanely impressive for a game of this caliber to invoke such boundless emotion. definitely should not be overlooked.

"There's no reason to play this game when Alpha 2 exists"
That's so true! But honestly I still play this game anyway. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams was pretty much the game to kickstart a whole era of Capcom fighting games alongside Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. The game introduced a new visual style to the franchise, emphasizing a more anime-like look. It added Alpha counters, more refined chain combos, multi-level super combos, and air blocking. Even with this game being the first to introduce these concepts, I still feel that this entry has a lot of polish to it.
The roster is smaller compared to Super Street Fighter II Turbo, yes, but it's still a fair amount considering every character has been redrawn, including some veterans from Street Fighter (1987) and Final Fight (1989). We also were introduced to the top-tier all powerful shoto to ever shoto, Dan Hibiki, who is a VERY subtle jab at SNK's Ryo Sakazaki. M.Bison and Akuma/Gouki are also present as secret characters and bosses.
It's so funny that this game basically exists because of the Street Fighter II movie of all things. You can see a poster for the film in Ryu's stage, alongside Ryu and Ken's designs being adjusted to look like the flashback scene from the movie. There's a hidden "dramatic battle" mode where Ryu & Ken face M. Bison, and in the Japanese version the music playing is LITERALLY the final battle song, "Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokoro Tsuyosato". This might seem like criticism, but honestly I LOVE this stuff, especially as someone who enjoyed the source material.
Alpha 1 however does have some content technically not in later games. Like I said, there's three hidden boss fights, and the dramatic battle mode, both of which are nice secrets to unlock. NONE of the stages in this game would return in Alpha 2/3 which sucks, especially the loss of the one that is an obvious homage to the Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee fight. The PS1/Saturn versions also have a jazzy arranged soundtrack that didn't come back in Alpha 2 either.
In my opinion, ignoring a game's existence because something better exists is unfortunate. I like to revisit "games that aren't worth playing anymore" because I respect the legacy and integrity of these titles. Yes, they get improved upon eventually so later entries body it, but I honestly don't care? I will continue to play games/ports of games "not worth playing anymore" for as long as I live. At the end of the day I still prefer Alpha 2/3, but I still LOVE this game regardless. It's a classic.
EDIT: this cover is horrendous. PLEASE change it to the JP cover in some form IGDB ARRRGHHHHH (https://www.mobygames.com/game/playstation/street-fighter-alpha-warriors-dreams/cover-art/gameCoverId,272932/)

Nocturne HD is extremely difficult to rate and review. How would one go about rating this remaster? Do you rate it based on what is or what isn't in this remaster? Do you base your opinions on the game or the quality of the port? Do you consider pricing and expectations or just view it on a vacuum? The important thing, to me, is that Nocturne HD is almost exactly the same game we all know and love with some changes that are minor, but ultimately enhance the experience in ways that I would consider make this the definitive way to play the game. However, this all comes with a great asterisk which is the amount of money ATLUS charged, and still charges at the date of writing this review, for the whole package. At the near retail price tag of $50 or $60 if you want all available content, you might expect that ATLUS did work comparable to other remasters offered at similar price points like "NieR Replicant ver 1.22474487139..." or "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age". You might think they improved the original's poor audio quality, remastered a great number of low quality textures, or even tweaked the code to make it run at higher than the then-standard 30fps. But they didn't do that. What you see is what you get: Nocturne but in high definition, for better and most definitely for worse. At the same time, I cannot deny that playing this remaster was an incredibly fun experience because Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne is just the kind of game that holds up spectacularly, and if this remaster is the easiest or most convenient way for you to play it, then I can have no objections to that.

This is a storytelling game which uses a basic gameplay loop to tell you said story. The game has a unique artstyle which compliments the gameplay and an interesting setting. However the gameplay loop didn't keep me engaged enough to finish the game, but I definitely recommend it because I respect the sole developer of this project.