HÉMISPHÈRES #13 - GHOST TRICK · Le destin à contre-temps
What if Henri Bergson's (Time and Free Will, Creative Evolution) concepts of time/duration, intuition and vital impetus were to be synthesized into an ensemble metaphysical murder mystery?
Shu Takumi : Yes

HÉMISPHÈRES #10 - SPEC OPS: THE LINE · Les Sentinelles de la Perdition
A pain in the ass to play sometimes, but overall a very impactful experience. The team not only managed to adapt Heart of Darkness, but also embraced Conrad's "delayed decoding" approach both through its graphics and its gameplay. Overrated AND underrated for the wrong reasons.

HÉMISPHÈRES #2 – SKYWARD SWORD · Un Zelda auto-destructeur ? (🇫🇷)
This game manages to be both a brilliant exegesis of a formula and an uneven, unneeded prequel to the series. Some brilliant dungeons though!

HÉMISPHÈRES #4 - PAPER MARIO: THE ORIGAMI KING · L'envers de la casquette (🇫🇷)
The very game that helped me heal my burnout and make peace with video games. PM:TOK delivers a touching philosophical tale. What it lacks in pacing, it makes up for in exploring the condition of its characters through the lens of artistic creation – an existentialist mise en abyme, if you will!
Also: Kamek 💙

"To whom does the true voice speak?
To whom does the true form reveal itself?"