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It's like Kojima but for adults.

I don't know if I've ever played a video game that felt more "adult" than this; not in the graphic content, but in it's density, complexity, and lack of concrete answers.

Kojima is scared of ambiguity, and thrives in overexplanation. Suda thrives in it.

It is also, terrifying prescient about the deporsonalizing nature of internet culture, two years before Kojima would release MGS2.

Maybe it gets too far up its own ass near the end, but for Suda's debut in his magnum opus "kill the past" series, his style is far more fully formed out of the gate than I anticipated.

This is sort of a masterpiece

Like Bandersnatch, but better, but still bad

Super weird to hear Wario speak full paragraphs of dialogue

A fantastic slow-burn first installment to an incredibly lush world that takes its time fleshing out individual characters and towns to an immensely charming degree.

Graphics havent aged spectacularly, largely due to it originally being a PSP title; and combat moves at a spectacularly slow pace by default. Luckily the PC version lets you fast forward this x4.

Gonna take a bit of a break, but am certainly on the hook for the second chapter.

Still ver

Played through on critical for my first playthru

Some people call this the best action RPG of all time.

But i dont think the best action RPG of all time would have attacks that leave you stunlocked for thirty straight seconds with no escape.

I also dont think the best action RPG of all time would have Haley Joel Osment voicing the main character.

Honestly Nintendo; what happened to Stanley

Really was a specific moment in time where a rhythm game lover like myself THRIVED

Still remember playing endless setlist all the way through on expert with three friends.

My personal favorite game in the 2010's "rougelite" boom

It's an endless tap of inspired, classic mario levels if you look for them.

I feel like it has to get five stars by default.

A grand artistic achievement

Gets the first three stars for the soundtrack alone

The only game in the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise where you might think Haley Joel Osment is a passable voice actor

When people ask me what the worst game I've ever played is, this is the one that always pops in my head

How can this be the best game ever when it's not even the third best souls game.

It's still really great.

Quite possibly the best narrative in video games