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magolor is MY best friend. i would let him have the crown as a little treat

getting killed in this game makes me feel so stupid like oh yeah when i get hit by an attack i lose health

tbh i think its a bit of a shame that whenever devs try to make an “indie crossover game” they potentially struggle to gain relevancy because they don’t include only the well known heavy-hitters, the indie scene doesn’t have to be just shovel knight, meat boy, and bit.trip you guys!!!!!!! play some indie games that dont have 100k+ reviews on steam for gods sake!!
enough about that, indie pogo is visually, quite delightful, every fighter is really fun to look at, there’s actually a lot of specific visual flair that i really enjoyed, like each stage having unique countdown animations, i thought that was cute. they managed to make welltaro look like, cute, and not this weird pointy-limbed thing that fraymakers did. as well, the trophy system is a fun way to include some smaller-scale indie stuff without having to go through the effort of making a whole new fighter. (underhero rep will always win me over tbqh)
the gameplay itself is… fine? the pogo mechanic won’t click with everyone and that’s fine, im all for weirdo game ideas, although, movement could stand to be a little quicker. personally i thought it was pretty fun once i played around in singleplayer modes, although i imagine the player base has gotten to that point where its small enough that everyone who still plays regularly is a god gamer so going online basically means you’re going to get bodied instantly (i didnt touch the online so i might just be talking out of my ass). also the boss at the end of the arcade mode is a motherfucker