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Diez años en el porro te hicieron un puto gato

Hand's down the best dungeon crawler out there. Thankfully this game went back to the interconnected world design from the 2nd game, but this time with the benefit of being developed for more powerful hardware. I still prefer King's Field II (1995) but this is probably the best place to start if you want to check out From Softwares older "pre-souls" titles that aren't Armored Core. I could do without the durability system, weapon leveling and magic leveling though.

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comfy doom and gloom. while its early parts feel small and a little oppressive, i still find it really easy to get into the tempo of king's field 4 and its slow-dance combat. and this one's even sludgier than the first 3 — which, if anything, might be attributed to the dreamlike, harpsichord-laden, sometimes even giallo-esque atmosphere i tend to associate with fromsoft's unique dungeon crawling action rpgs preceding demon's souls. of course, metaphysical dark fantasy mythopoeia remains the soul (forgive me) of their work, but king's field 4 distinguishes itself. being a game with some gnarly ps2 interlacing didn't hurt, if you ask me. if you can get used to the controls, this game is frankly quite refreshingly low-key (and i enjoy revisiting it).

Stunning musical atmosphere and sense of world, but a truly exhausting and tedious world to interact and move around. I feel like one could argue all they want about the jank making the atmosphere but I think KF4 goes a few steps too far off the deep end.

Noo Agate dont do Final Break your so sexy aha

My first persona game. I got into it because of Smash, and loved every second of it! Truly a masterpiece. Caused me to play the other persons games

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