This is so much better than kiwami 2 and I already liked kiwami 2 for what it was, this game offers superior combat and a better atmosphere, not to talk smack on kiwami 2's ost but I think this game has the better music choices so it gets an additional point for that. 100%-ing this game is a hassle however, so if you're planning on doing so, good luck.

It's gacha slop but zack is in the game so :heart::heart::fire::fire: plus I like the chibi versions of characters and the new arranged osts

This is an awesome game and all but that final mission was genuinely terrible istg

Just when I thought LJ couldn't get any better, IT DID EXACTLY THAT. THIS IS A BRILLIANT DLC WITH AN AWESOME STORY THAT EASILY CAN STAND ALONGSIDE THE ENTIRETY OF LJ ITSELF. Aside from kaito using the dame da ne guy's moveset, there are a couple of additions to it that makes it feel completely new. I love LJ more after playing now and it's already in my top 5
I hope judge 3 makes kaito playable again

This game does everything terribly, I thought the story would be it's saving grace but it turns out it's nothing special, if you're coming from nier replicant or automata to play this for the lore, just watch youtube videos don't waste your time and sanity, ESPECIALLY your sanity because this game will test it.

Surprisingly still holds up, Only negative point I have about the game is that substories are missable if you don't do them at a certain point in the game which is ABSURD. Still a good game though. Also the dialogue is funny.


I felt like spiderman throughout the 100% completion rate.
Very spidermanlike.
Very cool.
Feels like spiderman.

I would like a good harry potter game, not a sensory overload collectathon every fucking game tends to be these days, this one falling into the same category. Not going to play the game any further as there is no incentive in doing so, this is just a ubisoft checklist game with a harry potter theme painted onto it.

Was a masterpiece. IS a masterpiece.

HOW IS THIS GAME SO OVERLOOKED????? THIS IS LITERALLY ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH AS A TRADITIONAL FINAL FANTASY GAME!! Of course not entirely to the point where you can't recognize it as it's own thing. This game is beautiful. The characters, the story, the gameplay, everything was very enjoyable. It deals with the concept of mortality and immortality in a mesmerizing way, to the point where you just can't stop wanting more and more from the game (which it sure delivers). People may have gripe with the ending, which I can understand it was anti-climactic but that does not invalidate the entire game which was a good rollercoaster ride. Genuinely a great jrpg I've played in a very very long time.
And I love Jansen.
Unrelated to the review but yeah, I fricking love this guy.

the combat just killed me from the inside I thought I should start the series from the first game, little did I know that it hasn't aged very well. For that very reason I have dropped the game all together, soundtrack was kinda good though

really good, feels very different from the other zelda games even though it has the same gameplay formula and mechanics. It's the artstyle and the setting that really separates it. It still has a few rough edges but I don't really care, I had fun. 100%-ing this game is super tedious though.

backtracking has never looked this good