Every time I play this I have less fun.

This review contains spoilers

0stRanger is a vertically scrolling 2D shoot'em up with heavy emphasis on slashing, dodging and... mystery?
A menacing demonic threat, LEV, has begun its assault. Only one stranger remains against complete annihilation.
Blast your way through enemy forces in order to unleash your stranger's latent potential, reaching new heights of power.
But as you grow stronger, so does your understanding of the true nature of your adversary...
...also, there's some really long puzzle minigame too for some reason.

Void Stranger is a 2D sokoban-style puzzle game. But maybe it isn't? But it is, right? Maybe the real puzzle all along is the puzzle of the game itself? Only the Void can answer that...
This game does a lot of things that I've only seen a few other games attempt, and it pulls them off dangerously well. It's an almost euphoric feeling to solve the seemingly unsolvable after hours of theory-crafting and coming to a greater mechanical understanding. Which isn't for everyone, but it IS for me - wow.
Absolutely play blind, and reach for the limits of devotion.

By far one of the most relatable modern gaming protagonists - Peppino Spaghetti is a simple man only capable of feeling crippling anxiety and/or murderous rage, cursed with the legacy of being Italian.

I thought this was the shit as a kid but I legitimately cannot remember a single frame of this game nowadays. The only piece of media that I can say the same about is Flubber.

COGEN: Sword of Rewind can be summed up in two words: "skill issue". It's an absolute blast once you learn how to exploit the Ouroboros System, which lets you rewind whenever you'd like, but getting there isn't easy! The tutorial covers only basic concepts; later stages are mercilessly difficult, even if you're doing everything right. The most frustrating aspect is its difficulty curve - while there's a gradual increase in challenge as the game goes on, you'll still get thrown straight into extremely difficult segments without any prior warning.
That said, COGEN's combat feels fast and fluid enough that even a beginner could grasp the basics within minutes, provided they have patience for experimentation (and lots of free time). Unfortunately, it doesn't take long until things start feeling unfair after you master the core mechanics, thanks to some unintuitive design decisions. There's just not much variety when it comes to enemy types, meaning your skills aren't really being tested beyond learning how to deal damage efficiently. Most enemies die easily, which is "solved" by forcing the player to deal with a shitton of them at once, the optimal way to deal with these encounters simply being camping one side of the screen and using their own attacks against themselves. Boss fights don't pose much of a threat unless you screw up repeatedly - though the few difficult bosses present absolutely require memorizing attack patterns. This might seem nitpicky, but I couldn't help but feel that this game had the potential for something special, especially given its beautiful graphics and interesting concept, but falls short because of poor pacing with an excuse plot and forgettable enemies.
It has all the trappings of a classic retro-style action game: good music, cute sprite artwork, catchy stage themes. But while those aspects do add to the fun factor, the experience is marred by uneven difficulty spikes and other frustrating design choices, making it hard to recommend.
If you've got nothing else on your plate and enjoy 2D action with slashin' and dashin', give COGEN a try.
...Also the DLC is stupidly overpriced. 3 character DLCs, each at $7.99. At the very least, they massively differ in playstyle from Kohaku with some interesting mechanics.

"Times Yuji Naka has been arrested" has exceeded "Amount of buttons in Balan Wonderworld"

Integrates a lot of fan feedback and gameplay modifications into a game that was otherwise the complete antithesis to DMC.
There's things to like, but they're not things for me.

This happened to my buddy Kratos once

This is one of the fucking craziest kusoge I've ever played. Actually super fun, the mechanics seem completely incoherent at first before they just CLICK and you start beating ass flying across the screen. Every AI is tuned like an SNK boss though.

One of the most Reddit games I've ever played