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Mfers be like "All Nintendo has to do is release F-Zero with online!" and then they do exactly that and they whine about it on forums.

Buena historia, pobres mecánicas


what is takahashi cooking with that ending

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 facilmente se lleva el puesto de mi favorito de la franquicia. Agarra todo lo mejor de los anteriores 2 y expande en ello perfectamente, del sistema de combate a las pequeñas interacciones de personajes principales y secundarios en sidequests. El cast principal es fantastico, tienen muy buena quimica desde el inicio, y rapidamente se hicieron mi party favorito de la saga. Las personalidades de todos combinan bien, y cada personaje tiene oportunidad de brillar. En cuanto a la historia, sin entrar en spoilers, es una locura. Usualmente no soy de llorar con juegos, y sin embargo este me dejo como un mar de lagrimas en varios momentos. Tiene sus detalles, como cualquier juego, pero son minusculos en comparación a todo lo que hace bien. Es una experiencia hermosa que recomiendo a cualquiera que disfrute de los jrpgs, y mas aun si le gustó alguno de los anteriores 2.

This review contains spoilers

My opinions here will change overtime, as all Xenoblade games have for me. But for now, this is what I think.
The story is almost perfect, it has the best Xenoblade cast. Noah and Mio really are highlights of this game, those two are indisputably my favorite duo in gaming perhaps. Noahs character in relation to the best villain with the game really showed how Noah can act under horrible circumstances. It's not afraid to shy away from showing us a flawed protagonist. However, I have one huge issue with this plot, I dont like how easily death is trivialised. A lot of characters end up being brought back to life or having fake deaths. To me, this can take away from the stakes of the plot at times. Like during Chapter 6's best cutscene, while it was upsetting to see who died, I knew deep down they would pull something to avoid the jaws of death yet again like most important characters in this game. Some characters are killed off, but not the super important ones. This is in stark contrast to Xenoblade 2 where it wasn't afraid to kill off super important characters to show how dire things can get. I also think after Chapter 6 the game loses a lot of it's luster until the end. But despite these issues, I still think this plot is incredible due to the main cast and world building.
The battle system is interesting. I really like it, the addition of classes over blades simplifies the blade system but it's not too simplified like Xenoblade 1. Chain attacks are easy to spam out and Ouroboros are good to use in a pinch. I really enjoyed the battle system, it was getting a bit tiring during the final dungeon but overall I think it was fantastic. The music is amazing, too bad I cant hear it over the characters screaming out all their attack moves in battle lol.
Final thoughts: An amazing JRPG with the highest peaks, but can feel inconsistent at times. A must play in my books.

The definition of a 7.
Mario Strikers: Battle League feels weird. Like you're almost there, but not close as you should be.
First off, positives. Hyperstrikes are fun. Glad it's not so extreme to be more than 2 goals, or involved as Strikers Charged with the motion controls as the goalie.
The inclusion of gear is interesting to being able to customize all the characters to your liking. Some of them are goofy honestly.
Okay, time for the negatives. The tournament style of the single-player makes me miss the seasons that previous games offered. That lead to tournaments for the individual trophies offered. Tournaments are short, but I didn't really feel a challenge until the last two Trophy Tournaments. But if you lose a match that would give you a game over, you're offered to spend a certain amount of coins to retry, which is a nice option. After you complete all of the tournaments, you get the Hard Mode of the single-player, which offers more coins for you to spend on gear.
Another thing I don't love compared to other games in the series, you select all your teammates from the character pool. Which negates the strategy of your sidekicks in my mind. If you face a team of all Toads, you might face a team of two Toads the next game. So it doesn't offer that same variety if your Captain can be chosen by any other team as well.
Online mode is playing Clubs in Seasons. Which I haven't touched and probably won't at this rate.
Gameplay wise is fun and presentation is nice. But overall, Battle League is fun, but could've been better.

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