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Hi-Fi Rush is a new addition to Xbox's franchises. After years without a significant console exclusive, Microsoft released this game out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard. Is it good enough to achieve everything the fans dreamed?
Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-focused game, a hack n' slash that encourages players to attack, jump, and perform in sync with the beat constantly playing. To be honest, the concept is cool, but in my opinion, it didn't work. You can perform actions out of rhythm, and it won't impact your gameplay.
Analyzing it as a pure hack n' slash, it's fun to play. Not outstanding, but it has its moments. The combat is enjoyable, but it's the only significant activity during gameplay.
One remarkable aspect of the game is its ambiance. The art is beautiful and colorful. It's impressive how they synchronized all objects on the screen with the beat mentioned earlier.
The downside of the game, for me, is the soundtrack. As a game focused on music, it should feature an unforgettable soundtrack. Unfortunately, the music in this game is disappointing.
The story is not that compelling, but the characters are charismatic. There is room for more development for them, and I'm excited to see what they could do in a sequel.
In conclusion, Hi-Fi Rush is a valuable addition to the Game Pass catalog. It may not be the blockbuster Microsoft needed, but overall, it's a good game.

Planet of Lana is a side-scrolling game that draws inspiration from Limbo and Inside. In this adventure, you take control of Lana, a young woman embarking on a rescue mission through a vibrant world teeming with heartless machines and peculiar creatures.
As mentioned earlier, Planet of Lana strongly echoes the influences of Limbo and Inside. While playing, I couldn't help but notice the striking similarities in Lana's control mechanics, particularly in her movements. A unique aspect introduced in this game is the presence of a companion, a small creature that can be directed to access certain areas and perform specific actions. The gameplay is generally solid, though there may be occasional challenges in issuing commands to your companion, but nothing too serious.
The game's standout feature is its artistry. Planet of Lana captivates with its beautiful and colorful visuals. The characters and environments are meticulously crafted, setting it apart from the more mystical and dark atmospheres of Limbo and Inside.
Regarding the narrative, the game encourages players to use their imagination to interpret the events. There are notable similarities with the storytelling styles of Limbo and Inside. Developers intentionally leave some aspects unexplained, allowing players to construct their own narratives. The premise involves Lana's world being invaded by machines that have captured all humans, and players must confront this imminent threat.
While the game doesn't have any major issues, it fails to deliver a sense of novelty. Throughout my playthrough, I couldn't shake the feeling of déjà vu, constantly reminded of my experiences with Limbo and Inside, which detracted from the overall enjoyment.
In conclusion, Planet of Lana is recommended for those who enjoyed Limbo and Inside. It offers a great experience with enjoyable gameplay. However, if you haven't played the aforementioned titles, it's advisable to try them first, as they excel in achieving their intended goals, a standard not entirely met by Planet of Lana.

Need for Speed: Unbound is EA's latest attempt to restore this franchise to its former glory. While the game offers enjoyable aspects, it still grapples with the same issues seen in recent NFS titles.
The standout feature of Unbound is undoubtedly its visuals. The game seamlessly blends realistic graphics with cartoon elements. For instance, you'll control a realistic car, but as it accelerates, you'll notice the smoke is inspired by cartoons.
Ultimately, NFS remains a typical racing game, but it introduces some intriguing new elements to the gameplay. One notable addition is the calendar feature. To complete the game, you must win a special race that occurs once a week, but participation requires payment. Earning enough money involves participating in minor events, and you must carefully balance the risk to keep progressing before the day ends. Getting caught by the police results in losing all your winnings for that day.
The storyline is decent for a racing game. In all honesty, it surpasses the narratives commonly found in games of this genre, although it doesn't stand out as particularly special.
While I had fun playing Need for Speed: Unbound, I remain disappointed that the franchise hasn't returned to its former glory. I recommend giving this game a try if you have an EA Play subscription or can acquire it at a reasonable price.