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When the first Harry Potter movie was in the theaters, EA decided to realese a lot of games about that story. Almost every plataform in the market had a Harry Potter game that was unique. They did the same thing when the Chamber of Secrets came out in 2002.
This review is about the Gameboy Advance version. It's probably not the best one but it has a special place in my heart.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a classic isometric action game for GBA. Like almost all games from this console, the visuals are incredible for its time.
When I was a child, I played this game several of times but never finished (i couldn't beat the final boss). When I started the game again a few weeks ago, I understood why I loved this game so much: it makes me fell like a student of Hogwarts.
The action segments are ok. Nothing special. You attack the enemies from distance with your spells.
There's also stealth parts and to be honest, they are pretty bad.
The story is the same of the book. Probably it wasn't the best way this story was told but that's not a problem here.
It's a short game and takes just two hours to finish. Again, it's not a problem. It's a game that could make you fell bored with more time of gameplay.
This game was made for Harry Potter fans, so if you don't have any connection with the franchise, you probably won't see anything to make you like this game.
If you lived the GBA era and like Harry Potter, you'll probably like. It's not a fantastic game but this world is so special for who grow up with the books and movies.
If you have to play this version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? I can say that you have to give it a chance only if you like this world and GBA isometric action games.

This is not a game. The Matrix: Awakens is a tech demo developed to show to the world the power of Unreal Engine 5, the next big thing of the gaming industry.
I was amazed to see in this tech demo how the video games are developing. I know that The Matrix: Awakens was made for market reasons and I also know that we'll probably have wait for almost a decade to see a full game with this result but it's really cool see the future on your hands right now.
The tech demo looks like a attraction that we could see at Disney or Universal's park, especially if you have a good TV and a headphone. It's almost not a game but the action segments are really fun to play.
It's a short experience (30 minutes). The visuals are incredible and the gameplay is also pretty sick (but I have to say it has a encrypted action segments).
It's a free "game" so I think you should give it a try, especially if you want to see how the future of gaming will be.

Comix Zone is a classic. No one can say otherwise. It was an amazing game and it still is today.
I have to start this review talking about its art. The game is beautiful. It could be an indie game released for modern consoles.
It's really impressive to see this game on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The fact they decided to do a game that takes place on a comic book helped to make this game not dated.
The combat is a problem, unfortunately. The enemies somehow know what you will do even before you. Besides, sometimes you have to destroy some itens to move forward and you lost HP for it! That's why this game is really hard and if you die you have to start from the beginning. There's no checkpoints!
That's why I can say it's almost impossible to finish this game today without save states. It's a short game but it is near impossible if you play it on its original console.
I think you should have Comix Zone a chance if you have the game. You can play it on Nintendo Switch Online or in other emulator. Don't let the difficulty be a issue for you, 'case if you use a save state you won't have a problem to finish it.