Immer noch eins der besten RTS Spiele auf dem Markt. Story ist gut gestaltet, vs KI ist gut umgesetzt und PvP über BattleEye funktioniert immer noch einwandfrei. Hab das Spiel in meiner Jugend zu tode gespielt und finde es immer noch so gut wie damals. 10/10 sehr empfehlenswert

Bought this game at a difficult time in my life and really enjoyed playing it. Helped me get through this phase with it's super fun gameplay and characters

This game took me through an emotional roller-coaster at the end.
Can't describe how much I loved playing this game.
The story, the exploring, the fights, everything is a 10/10.

A masterpiece of a game.
Combines the best aspects of previous soul's games into one.
The atmosphere of the game is one of a kind.
Haven't had this much fun playing and grinding a game in a while.