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LukeGirard commented on wondermagenta's review of The Wonderful 101
All I want is a sequel that isn’t afraid to have more enemy types in each encounter, fix bomb -> gun stinger, pace out it’s mini games better, and have a functioning PC port, is that too much to ask 😭

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LukeGirard commented on wondermagenta's list Give me games to score
I low-key wanna hear the rundown on Phantom Hourglass and/or Spirit Tracks but I dunno if either are good/bad in interesting ways 🤔

23 days ago

LukeGirard commented on MagneticBurn's review of Pikmin 2
I’ll keep pushing through but man I wish I clicked with this one the same way everyone else seems to

1 month ago

LukeGirard commented on TheDarkestLink's review of Pikmin 4
That implies Pikmin 2 had sauce to begin with 💅

1 month ago

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