Cool incarnate, like if you scanned a mecha-enthused 10 year old's idea of cool and just plastered the unfiltered thoughts onto the screen this is the result. Everything you do just goes from one to another in a series of hype moments with barely sensical threads (complementary). And it's also like, really competently put together top-to-bottom. It's Treasure! Gotta love treasure.
This next bit is just scattershot thoughts of a sort of malaise in my head, feel free to skip over it or pretend they don't exist. I honestly don't really have any 'real' issues with Sin and Punishment, not so much in a "mm yes critic's job is to-", but more in a "I don't know how I can condense my sort of npc-feelings I had at times into actual justifiable issues". I think just the n64 dirty-drab palette chosen here's like an instant turn-off for me and I turned my internal resolution way up. Although, I still lost my shit at the naval segment, and the finale. There's certainly not a lot of mechanical meat on its bones, but also it has more than any other rail shooter I know of? Normal is also not THAT hard for me and I managed to beat it without credit feeding. Idk, it's a great time! I just feel it really slipping from my grasp in impact quicker than I expect and it's only been 45 minutes ;;
Edit: WAIT hold on I figured one part out. The music blends so heavily together that it undercuts so much, you could randomly change them around and it'd do NOTHING. They should've at least done something to the final fight track!!!

Reviewed on Sep 18, 2022